Ready or Not Weapon Tier List

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Ready or Not gives you so many different weapons to choose from that tailor every small detail of how you want your CQB encounter to go. Even though the 1.0 update adds a lot of new things for the full release, it still makes the description for each of the weapons rather obscure.

Picking which weapon is the best to use can be hard, especially with so many guns seemingly having the same performance. However, they do have notable key differences that make them excel over the others in your arsenal. We’ve had some time with the full release of Ready or Not, so we made our best picks for a weapon tier list.

S-Tier Weapons

Beanbag Shotgun

The Beanbag Shotgun is really useful when it comes to getting S-rank for each mission. A single shot can get most suspects to comply. If you want to unlock everything in Commander Mode, then you can’t go wrong with this non-lethal gun.


One of the best submachine guns in Ready or Not that has it all. It has a high rate-of-fire while keeping its recoil low. The game’s heavy focus on CQB makes this one of the most versatile guns in the game. You can choose between semi-auto, burst fire, and automatic.


The best pistol in the game that has the most reliable handling with a good fire rate. It’s a semi-automatic that’s one of the most efficient secondaries to clear rooms in close quarters thanks to its controllable recoil.

A-Tier Weapons


Compared to its non-lethal brother, the TPL, the VKS has a higher magazine ensuring you don’t run out of ammo quickly. It’s easy to handle and very quickly gets suspects to surrender ensuring you get that S-rank by the end of the mission.


The biggest difference between this gun and the UMP-45 is the bullet type. Despite the fact that its bullets aren’t as powerful as its counterpart, the UMP-9 has a better magazine capacity, a better fire rate, and a more controllable recoil. Though it isn’t enough to bridge the gap.


This non-lethal pepperball launcher can really help get you those S-ranking for most early to mid game levels. The only issue is that it lacks ammunition and quickly runs out of bullets in its magazine. However it makes up for that by making it easier to reload.


This handgun is capable of piercing through armor and its easy to handle with its low recoil. It doesn’t have the fastest fire rate among its fellow sidearms but you don’t need speed when you got precision.


The MP5A3 handles almost like the MP5A2 except it has more attachments. It does lag a bit behind its older brother because its recoil is a bit less stable.


The MP5A2 has been around for a long while but it has withstood the test of time even in the 1.0 update of Ready or Not. Compared to the MP5A3, which is its modern counterpart, the MP5A2 handles a lot easier it just has less attachments.


This SMG can fire in either semi-auto or fully automatic and it has surprisingly low recoil for its fast fire rate. It can clear rooms without needing to reload for a long while with 50 rounds in the chamber making sure you take care of any threat before leaving yourself vulnerable.


This assault rifle is your top pick if you’re dealing with heavily armored foes. Featuring 7.62x51mm bullets, it can penetrate through even the toughest armor in Ready or Not. Though it’s not really ideal if you’re dealing with the common crook since its recoil is extremely difficult to handle.


The MCX has better handling than most other assault rifles making it easier to fight suspects at longer ranges. If you’re operating in larger areas, this gun is an excellent pick that won’t let you down.


This gun’s high fire rate is backed up by its large magazine ensuring you don’t need to reload until after a good while. It’s a decent pick for a secondary that packs quite a punch.


The MP5/10MM is a top performing submachine gun in Ready or Not. It can switch from semi-auto, burst fire, and automatic at a moment’s notice giving you plenty of options to use.


The M1014 has a few advantages over the B1301 in that it’s faster and you can control the recoil better. However its drawback comes from fewer ammunition in the chamber.


The B1301 is a tactical shotgun that packs a punch and has a fast rate-of-fire. It stands above its brethren by having a more tolerable recoil.


The LVAR almost stands toe-to-toe with the GA416 except for its bullet type, the .300 Blackout which makes it more of a menace. It’s got a high recoil like most assault rifles but this gun is ideal for almost any range.

B-Tier Weapons


The GA416 stands out among its roster of assault rifles for its slick design though you may be taken back by the kick it has. What makes the GA416 really good is that it’s reliable for fighting outdoors as well when suspects flee outside the premises. It’s also quick and easy to reload.


The ARWC is a great assault rifle with a good rate of fire using armor penetrating bullets. It’s recoil is controllable despite having a bit of a kick.


The MK18 shines a bit above the MK16 for having a bit more controllable recoil and what seems to be a faster fire rate. While it doesn’t have the MK16’s raw firepower, it more than makes for it with its more precise use.


The MK16 is an assault rifle that kicks like a mule but is a pretty reliable pick. If you can handle its recoil, then it’s not a bad gun to use at all.


The SR-16 is a pretty good gun that’s reliable in most CQB encounters. It does lack something that makes it stand out compared to the other assault rifles though.


Despite being a product of the 70’s, the MP7 is not outdated with its 40 round magazine and ammunition that can pierce through armor. Its advantage over the MP9 is that it can use an underbarrel attachment.


The MP9 has one less attachment than the MP7 but it does handle better overall. However the MP7 is still a better pick because an underbarrel attachment will usually be more preferrable.


The G36C is a decent assault rifle to have if you can handle its kick. It’s a gun that’s very well suited to CQB but there are other rifles that offer a better job.


The G19 proves to be a reliable secondary handgun with a decent fire rate and good handling. It has good performance in the field and can really be a life saver when you need to switch to it.


This gun’s high rate-of-fire makes it a decent secondary but it’s a bit tough to handle unless you can control the recoil. It performs satisfactory in CQB quarters but isn’t as notable compared to other handguns.


The Supernova is a pump-action shotgun that is faster than the 870CQB and better in every way. If you have to pick between the two, Supernova has all that the 870CQB has to offer and even more.


The 870CQB is a pump-action shotgun that has a slow rate of fire but packs quite a punch. Its iconic use in the force gives it its own place in the arsenal but there are better shotguns to use unless you want to appreciate the classics.


This handgun has quite a kick but it’s got some recoil to compensate. A reliable secondary for those who value the classics that performs well.


This assault rifle has .300 bullets that can reliably put down the toughest foes. However it’s also difficult to control even with the right attachments with a high recoil even on semi-auto mode.


The SLR47 can be a bit of an unconventional pick since it doesn’t really offer much that other assault rifles already do. This AK-based assault rifle doesn’t really handle all that different from the rest to make it notable.


Compared to its MP5 counterparts, the MPX has the worst handling despite its low reload time. It’s like they tried to fit an assault rifle into a submachine gun but it doesn’t feel right.

C-Tier Weapons


The F90 is difficult to control and doesn’t offer anything that the other assault rifles doesn’t. What this gun gives you though is a longer magazine giving you more time before the need to reload.


Don’t even think about using the full auto on the SPC9 as it sprays everywhere. Its extreme high fire rate has it going for it but that’s nowhere near enough to make up for the lack of control.

M11 Compact

This gun is notable for its high rate-of-fire but it can be hard to control which isn’t what you want when fighting close quarters. It’s not a bad pick but there’s no reason to choose the M11 Compact when there’s other guns out there.

.357 Magnum

This revolver is powerful for anyone who prioritizes being able to put down their targets over handling and reliability. However its low rate-of-fire and high recoil make it a challenge to use in CQB and it also has limited bullets before needing to reload.

TLE 1911

This handgun fires seven bullets which and handles poorly. It doesn’t even have the stopping power of the .357 Magnum to make it a better pick making this possibly the worst gun in the game.

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