Redfall: Best Devinder Build Guide

A devastating crowd control build for Devinder that will turn vampires and their cult to dust.

The best Devinder build in Redfall will have you utilizing this eccentric cryptid hunter’s ability to crowd control and deal AoE damage. With the right skills, loadout, and vampire remnants, this hero can take out vampires and their cultists all at the same time. To do this, you need to learn to invest in the right skill tree and equip the best guns, Blood Remnants, and a Vampire God Remnant. Read on, and this guide will show you the best Devinder build in Redfall.

Best Redfall Devinder Build

Devinder excels at taking out crowds of enemies thanks to his abilities in AoE and crowd control. His ability kit caters to going loud and taking out groups with brute force in direct confrontation. The downside is that his abilities take a bit of a while to recharge until you invest in them.

Here are the best possible builds for Devinder in Redfall:

Devinder Build Best Skills

Devinder Build: Best Skills

  • High Voltage (Arc Javelin)
  • Energize (Arc Javelin)
  • Power Surge (Arc Javelin)
  • Lightning Storm (Arc Javelin)
  • Ambient Recharge (Translocate)
  • Reverse Entropy (Translocate)
  • Wave Destabilization (Translocate)
  • Efficient Battery (Translocate)
  • Photon Sharpening (Blacklight)
  • Lumen Intensity (Blacklight)
  • Particle Adherence (Blacklight)
  • Bandoliers I
  • Vampire Slayer I
  • Vampire Slayer II

A lot of Devinder’s skills will revolve around crowd control and the ability to get around thanks to his Translocator. You’ll be making a lot of use of his skills to take out vampires and their fanatical cult.

The first skill you’ll unlock is the Arc Javelin, and you’ll be using it a lot to stun multiple enemies, leaving them vulnerable. High Voltage will increase its radius, and Energize will increase the damage you and your allies will deal to enemies when you’re inside the Arc Javelin radius. This is where you can make quick work of crowds by using a shotgun to shoot them down while they’re stunned, resulting in increased damage.

If you want to fully utilize the Arc Javelin, then investing more skill points into its skill tree can make it even deadlier. Get the Power Surge to increase its damage and the Lightning Storm to really buff it up. The latter requires a full investment.

Devinder’s Translocator needs to be placed strategically. Since Devinder throws it in an arc, you can throw it above rooftops for a vantage point. Don’t stray too far from it so you can retreat into it, which you’ll be mainly using to heal or get some distance. This is why investing in Reverse Entropy is important, as it heals you and your allies upon use. Make it last a little longer by getting Efficient Battery and make it recharge faster with Ambient Recharge.

Blacklight is Devinder’s ultimate and has more than a few enticing skills you can invest in. While you can use it for healing, we instead recommend you focus on Photon Sharpening and Lumen Intensity to buff Blacklight into becoming the ultimate vampire killing machine. Pair it off with Particle Adherence to increase your weapon damage, ensuring that every time you pull out Blacklight, even elites will die fast.

Devinder Build Best Loadout

Devinder Build: Best Loadout

  • Shotguns
  • Assault Rifle
  • UV Beam

Thanks to Devinder’s crowd control abilities, shotguns are your absolute best friend here. Petrified and stunned enemies, taking a full shotgun blast to the face is sure to put them down for good, no matter how strong they are. Even the Rook mini boss can be made short work of if you combine shotguns wisely with Devinder’s skills.

Of course, an Assault Rifle is reliable no matter the situation since your shotgun has a limited range. You can pair it with a UV Beam to petrify enemies in case Devinder’s skills are still on cooldown.

Devinder Build Best Best Blood Remnants

Devinder Build: Best Blood Remnants/Vampire God Remnant

  • Blood Remnant – Increased Movement Speed and Reduced Melee Damage
  • Vampire God Remnant – Butterfly Needle

We recommend equipping the Butterfly Needle vampire god remnant for defensive measures. Killing a human regenerates Devinder’s ultimate power meter, which gives you a chance to trigger his UV blacklight more often to petrify vampires. Top it off with a High-end or Superior Blood Remnant that increases your movement speed and reduces melee damage at the same time. This will give you room to use the Translocator and heal when you’re in a tough spot.

That’s the Redfall Devinder build for the best skills, loadout, and Blood Remnants for this character. For other build guides, check out more of our Redfall articles here.