RELAYER Season Pass Details Revealed Including New Story Content, Mechas, In-Game Items, and More

new season pass details of RELAYER revealed

Relayer Season Pass Details

New details about the upcoming mecha JRPG game of Kadokawa games, RELAYER have been revealed online. According to Kadokawa Games, RELAYER is set to be released worldwide on March 24th, 2022 for the PS4 and PS5 alongside its season pass.

Relayer Season Pass Details:

New Story Content

Spin-off stories about Terra and her allies aboard the Asterism.

  • Terra and Yodaka’s Food Filled Jouney
  • Stargazing
  • Gourmet of the Universe – Stars Association

These stories can be accessed in the story mission menu as a sub-option once the game comes out.

New Mechas

Each month From May to July 2022, new mechas called “STELLAR Gear NEXT” will be added to the game as DLC and will be available for those who purchased the season pass. According to the website, the mechas will be released according to this schedule:

  • Astoria NEXT for Terra – May 2022
  • Amaterasu NEXT for Sun – June 2022
  • Petasos NEXT for Mercury – June 2022
  • Herschel NEXT for Uranus – July 2022

New In-Game Items

6 Custom Chips modeled after GT Labo members (can be used for upgrading and boosting stats)

  • Yodaka’s Battle Data
  • Genjiro’s Battle Data
  • Gillian’s Tactical Data
  • Neil’s Intelligence Data
  • Mediais Medical Data
  • Isaac’s Defense Data

6 weapons with Sparkling colors.

  • Sparkle Sword (one-handed sword)
  • Sparkle Zambato (greatsword)
  • Sparkle Shot (machine gun)
  • Sparkle Flyer (bit)
  • Sparkle Cannon (rifle)
  • Sparkle Barricade (shield)

RELAYER Season Pass Price:

As far as we know, the Relayer season pass will cost around 2,500 yen. We do not yet know what that price will be when it reaches Western markets. But we do know that the season itself will be available on day one of release.

The full game as stated will be available worldwide on March 24th, 2022 for the PS4 and PS5. The Season Pass will also be included in the Digital Deluxe Edition. The NEXT Stella Gear and the side stories will be sold at a later time. Players can also play the demo version of the game which contains several stages and also lets you carry over save data to the full game.

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