Remnant 2 Achievements Guide & How to Get Them

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Remnant 2 is a direct sequel to the first Remnant game, Remnant: From the Ashes. It picks up shortly after the protagonist of the first game has driven out the Root from Earth. You play as yet another nameless, silent on another dimension-hopping adventure to finish what the humans had started.

In this Remnant 2 Achievements guide, we’ll tell you what you need to know about getting some of the key achievements for the game. If you are a veteran of the first game, you will feel at home with Remnant 2, and you’ll love the new Archetype system that streamlines the specialization process.

There are 50 Achievements to earn in Remnant 2. 26 of them are known to the player from the start. The other 24 are Hidden until their unlock conditions have been met. They are usually unlocked after exceeding a specific kill count or trigging a boss encounter.

Remnant 2 Achievements List

  • Expanding Horizons: Craft a Non-Starter Weapon Mod
  • Crafty: Craft 15 Weapon Mods
  • Only Human: Defeat a Boss in Single-Player Without Taking Any Damage
  • Not so Special Now: Defeat 100 Special Enemies
  • Quest for Survival: Defeat a World Boss
  • First of Many: Choose Your First Archetype
  • Duality: Slot a Second Archetype
  • Top Performer: Reach Level 10 on Any Archetype
  • Was This Supposed to Happen?: Acquire a World Boss’s Alternate Reward
  • Boss’n Up: Craft a Boss Weapon
  • Strapped: Acquire 15 Guns
  • The Trigger: Acquire 30 Guns
  • Edgelord: Acquire 10 Melee Weapons
  • Cutting Edge: Acquire 20 Melee Weapons
  • The Collector: Acquire 10 Relics
  • Scrap Collector: Acquire 50,000 Scrap
  • Scrap Hoarder: Acquire 100,000 Scrap
  • Not Your Average Trait: Obtain a Non-Start Trait
  • All These Traits…: Obtain 10 Traits
  • Proving Grounds: Acquire 20 Traits
  • The Ultimate Weapon: Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +10
  • Almost There: Upgrade a Boss Weapon to +5
  • Make Some Room: Upgrade Relic Capacity
  • Good, but Could be Better!: Upgrade a Standard Weapon to +10
  • No One Should Have All That Power: Upgrade a Standard Weapon 10 +20
  • Trait Chaser: Upgrade any Trait to 10

Remnant 2 Hidden Achievements

  • Am I Seeing This?: Defeat 10 Aberrations
  • Ghost in the Machine: Defeat 25 Aberrations
  • Chaos: Defeat the Ravager
  • Gleaming the Cube: Defeat the Labyrinth Boss
  • Traitor: Defeat the Fae Imposter
  • Forever is a Long Time Coming: Defeat the Final Boss
  • Power Surge: Defeat Guardian of the N’Erud
  • The Killing Jar: Defeat the Root Mantis
  • The God Gambit: Defeat Many Faces
  • Dark Designs: Defeat the Nightweaver
  • Madman’s Paradise: Defeat Tal’Ratha
  • Red Room: Discover a Blood Moon Room
  • The Agenda: Discover Leto’s Stash
  • Not a Janitor: Meet the Custodian
  • Familiar Face: Meet the Flautist
  • Equal Measures: Receive an Alignment from Meidra
  • Tall Tales: Listen to all of Mudtooth’s Stories
  • Blue Goddess: Meet Nimue
  • Shhh… It’s a Secret: Obtain a Secret Archetype
  • Bad Moon Rising: Craft an item at the Blood Moon Altar
  • The Web: Obtain an item from the Nightweaver’s Web
  • Carnage in C-Minor: Play a Secret Song on the Water Harp
  • Maxed Out!: Acquire the Max Number of Traits Points
  • Transmutate: Upgrade a Weapon Mutator to +10

The main gameplay loop of Remnant 2 involves leveling up your character and then investing in traits to further define your playstyle. Eventually, you will have access to a primary and secondary Archetype that adds a host of special abilities for you to mess around with.

On your journey through procedurally generated worlds, you will collect resources to upgrade your weapons and traits to improve their effectiveness in combat. A number of bosses will reward you with a unique resource after defeating them. This resource can then be used up to create a new weapon for your character.

The Was This Supposed to Happen? achievement can only be acquired after defeating a boss a second time. You can do this at any time by revisiting that world and hoping that this instance contains the boss fight you are looking for. Also, you don’t need to craft the boss weapon first to gain access to the alternate reward. You just need to beat them a second time.

While there are only a handful of bosses that are tied to Achievements, the vast majority of boss encounters are hidden behind alternate pathways and differing choices. The ones listed above are the story bosses that must be defeated for the story to progress.

The Shhh… It’s a Secret Achievement is tied to the secret Engineer Archetype that can only be unlocked by completing a set of objectives not actively tracked by the game.

Mudtooth is a returning character from the first game. He made his home in a crashed V-TOL and has resorted to ambushing Root to stay alive outside the Bunker. It is unknown whether the same applies to Remnant. To get the Tall Tales achievement, all you have to do is to keep talking to him until he runs out of stories to tell. This might include returning an artifact to him to jog his memories. Like the pocketwatch, he gave to his son. (I won’t ask how you got it. Peacefully, I assume.)

And finally, there’s the Maxed Out! Achievement. In the first game, it took dozens upon dozens of hours (close to hundreds in my case.) to get all the Traits points in the game. Assuming that hasn’t changed, expect to be playing this game for quite some time.

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And that’s everything we’ve got for this Remnant 2 Achievement guide. All things considered, this feels like a bigger, better version of the same game. Now, we can have a discussion about the importance (or non-importance) of the story. But there’s no denying that this is the kind of game that’ll keep you coming back for more. And with DLC coming out in the future, it’s safe to say that this game is going to be talked about for some time.

This is a sequel done right for all the right reasons. And we can’t wait to dive right in and pick apart every corner for anything that will help you make your builds more OP than they already are.

Remnant 2 is set to release on July 25th, 2023 on PC (via Steam and Epic Games), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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