Remnant 2 All Traits – How to Unlock Each Trait

Remnant 2 traits cover image

There are quite a lot of Traits to unlock in Remnant 2. Each of them offers powerful effects that drastically change the way you play. If you’re looking to craft a powerful build, you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits traits give. In this guide, we’ll show you all the Traits in Remnant 2 and how to unlock each of them.

Remnant 2: All Traits & Their Unlock Requirements

Here are the Traits in Remnant 2, what they do, and how to unlock them:



How to Unlock

Ammo Reserves

Increases Ammo Reserves

Belongs to the Gunslinger archetype


Increases AOE size

Defeat a boss in the Labyrinth

Arcane Strike

Increases Mod Power Generation from Melee Damage

Destroy the piles of bones in Losomn, Harvester's Reach


Reduces all incoming damage

Given by Meidra in Yaesha if your answers result in Doe alignment

Blood Bond

Summons absorb damage taken by the caster

Defeat a Root Nexus boss event in The Far Woods in Yaesha


Increases Grey Health regen

Given by Meidra in Yaesha if your answers result in Ravager alignment


Increases Max Stamina

One of your Core Traits


Reduces Skill Cooldowns

One of your Core Traits


Increases Evade Distance

Defeat every enemy in the Vault of the Farmless in N'Erud


Increases Movement Speed while Aiming

Complete the event in the Terminus Station in N'Erud


Increases Armor Effectiveness

Belongs to the Engineer archetype


Increases the Use Speed of Consumables and Relics

Complete the Feast Challenge in The Great Hall found in Losomn. This trait can only be unlocked in multiplayer. You must eat the rotten meal until you get the Ravenous debuff. One of you must die and be revived causing this trait to unlock


Reduces Weapon Spread and Recoil

Acquired by defeating the Cancer boss found in the Ashen Wasteland in Root Earth


Reduces Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received

Belongs to the Handler archetype


Increases Weapon Ideal Range

Belongs to the Hunter archetype trait


Increases Consumable Duration

Belongs to the Alchemist archetype trait


Increases Stamina Regen

Bring the child back to the elderly woman in the Brocwithe Quarter of Cotton's Silk in Losomn


Increases Health Regen

Belongs to the Summoner archetype trait


Increases Aura Size

In the Dormant N'Erudian Facility, have one of your players in the control room and activate the purge protocol and killing everyone else in the party. Must be done in multiplayer


Increases Speed of Reviving and Revived

Revive a teammate 10 times. *May be unobtainable because of a bug


Increases Experience Gain

Defeat the final boss of the game


Increases Resistance to Elemental Status Effect Damage by 20%

Defend the man in the Butcher's Quarter in Losomn


Increases Lifesteal

Clear out every enemy before timers runs out in the Dormant N'Erudian Facility in N'Erud


Increases Mod Power Generation

One of your Core Traits

Strong Back

Reduces encumbrance

Belongs to the Challenge archetype trait


Increases all Movement Speed

Belongs to the Explorer archetype trait


Increases all healing done

Belongs to the Medic archetype trait


Increases Evade Window

Belongs to the Invader archetype trait


Increases Max Health

One of your Core Traits


Increases Traversal Movement

Defeat the Corrupted Harbor boss in Root Earth

Traits are the key to making your build in Remnant 2. However they can be tricky to unlock and some of them require that you play in multiplayer in order to get. This means cooperating with your team to get a specific Trait like the Glutton which require one of your teammates to die and be revived.

Since some Traits are tied to archetypes, where they’ll be exclusive to that archetype at first. Archetypes like the Alchemist and Gunslinger, offer unique Traits which could be beneficial to different builds. What’s great about Traits belonging to archetypes is that they can be equipped by different ones once that archetype reaches Level 10. To level up your archetypes faster, you can do so by equipping one as your second archetype allowing it to level up along side your primary.

Traits can be leveled up in order to have a better effect. This is done by spending Trait Points which you get by defeating bosses or picking up Tomes of Knowledge found in each world. Once you spend them on a particular Trait, that Trait will have enhanced effects but it will consume Trait Points.

If you don’t like the Traits you’ve picked to upgrade, you can reinvest. By going to Wallace in Ward 13 who you can find on the docks, purchase the Orb of Undoing for 3 Lumenite Crystals and 2,500 Scrap. This will allow you to respec your Trait Points. However it does cost quite a sum so be wary of doing it too often.