Remnant 2: How to Get Atom Splitter

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A great sword, even in a run-and-gun Souls-like, is cool. A great sword that shoots energy waves at the cost of some stamina is even cooler. In this article, we’ll talk about the Atom Splitter. Specifically – how to get it and the ways you can build around it.

As great swords go, the Atom Spitter does a decent job with its wide swing range and impressive reach. Of course, its main selling point is its ability to cast an energy wave attack after a neutral dodge. (Getsuga Tensho, anyone?) Unfortunately, it is not entirely unique in this regard. The Hero’s Sword is better in every regard. The advantage the Atom Splitter has is the fact that it is far easier to obtain.

How to Get the Atom Splitter in Remnant 2?

To get the Atom Splitter, you need to get lucky with a specific tile segment on N’Erud. You might notice that some locations will have these two towers that house dozens of cryo-pod. (Like the one shown below.) It is in this instance where you’ll find the Atom Splitter.

We found the area while on an Adventure of N’Erud that starts in the Forgotten Prison. We were trying to cross the in-between Hatchery dungeon when we accidentally stumbled upon the towering structures. As far as we know, the towers can also be found in other locations, namely the Void Vessel Facility, an optional random dungeon in the second Overworld.

To get to where the Atom Splitter is located, you’ll need to reach the broken platform above.

Every so often, a set of mechanical claws would descend from up high to move segments of the tower to locations unknown. This is the means by which you will be reaching the broken platform.

As the claws are removing the block from the tower, jump onto the segment before it starts to ascend. You will forward roll the moment you land on the segment. So be ready to center yourself or risk falling off. The upward acceleration is a little jarring at first.

Tip: You’ll want to wait until the claw picks up a segment that’s closer to your character’s elevation. It makes the jump easier so you can focus on the jump to the broken platform.

Tip: You’ll only have a split second to make the jump to the broken platform. Wait just a little longer and you’ll die after hitting the upper limits of the ceiling.

It’s going to take some practice and you will probably die a bunch of times until you get used to how the metal segment moves. Hopefully, spawn is nearby and you won’t have to go through the entire dungeon to try again. But then again, that’s RNG at work right there.

Inside the hidden chamber, you’ll find the Atom Splitter stuck on a nearby console. And that’s pretty much it. It’s a pretty neat melee weapon that’s easier to obtain compared to its more powerful contemporaries.

According to the weapon’s description, it is a giant tool for splitting heavy rocks. The Dryzr are so advanced that they think so lightly of nuclear fission.

Fission Strike: On Neutral Evade Attacks Atom Splitter achieves Nuclear Fission, releasing a wave of charged particles that deals 225.6 damage to targets within 20m. Charged Neutral Evade Attacks increase range by 3x and damage by 25%.

Interesting fact, the wave hits every enemy within the attack range. To balance out the weapon, it swing slightly slower than expected. But it does pack a punch, especially when you upgrade the Great Sword to level 10. It has the potential to be the centerpiece in many melee and mod-focused builds.

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