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You never actually know what you’re going to get into while exploring the worlds in Remnant. One minute you could be deciding the fate of an entire world, the next you could be walking into a Council Chamber only to be assigned lead detective. Just another day for the world-hopping Traveler.

The Council Chamber is an optional dungeon on the Losumn map. In this scenario, three Magistrates argue amongst themselves in the wake of the One True King’s supposed assassination. Our Traveler casually walks in and disrupts the proceedings long enough to get involved in Fae affairs. (Quite frankly, our character gets involved in everyone’s business whether they like it or not.)

How to Complete the Council Chamber Puzzle

The quest starts the moment you enter the Council Chamber and interrupt the Magistrates’ tribunal. The story goes that the One True King has been assassinated and a usurper has claimed the throne. But that’s not your concern at the moment. The three judges are arguing and accusing each other of helping the Traitor kill the traitor.

The statemate is so bad that the judges agree that a new set of eyes are needed to make sure that justice is served and order is preserved amongst the Fae.

It doesn’t actually matter what you choose in your line of questioning. But you will need to accept the task of being an arbiter of the law. It is now your job to find the proof necessary to convict one of the judges.

You don’t need to go far for your investigation. The evidence you’re looking for is somewhere within the location. You just need to track it down. Exit the chamber and go either right or left depending on which route allows you to proceed. Follow the path around the Council Chamber, fighting anything that gets in your way.

The trail ends at the mirror shown above. It should be at the last room at the end of the route you started from the other side of the dungeon. Interact with it and you will be transported to the mirror version of the Council Chamber.

The mirror world is just like the one you’re on but is somewhat dreary in comparison. You also don’t have access to as many rooms as you did in the other world. (Actually, you can access them but there are tilesets that leave entire sections locked away. It all boils down to RNG.)

Every version of this world does allow access to the Council Tribunal and that’s where we need to go to progress the quest.

How to Open the Council Tribunal Door

Upon entering the Council Tribunal, you should see one of those lantern-carrying Specials in the middle of the room. It is intentionally put there so that players can see that they can walk on top of the reflective surface. Kill the Special and turn your focus to opening the giant door.

Council Tribunal Puzzle

This puzzle is actually a very clever one. If you look at the reflection on the floor, you will notice that the insignias don’t match up with the ones on the judges’ chairs.

You’ll need to remove all three insignias and place them where they need to go. When all three match up with the insignias in the reflection, the giant doors will swing open. As an added bonus, you’ll receive some scrap for solving the puzzle.

How to Get the Assassin’s Dagger

The quest item you’re looking for is called the Assassin’s Dagger. It was used to kill the One True King. More importantly, it is the incriminating piece of evidence that seals the fate of the assassin.

To get to the dagger, you’ll need to climb the stone blocks on either side of the throne and jump onto the ledge behind it. Make your way directly behind the King’s throne and you should see a ledge that you can climb on.

You’ll find the weapon you’ve been searching for this entire time embedded in the One True King’s back. Take it and make your way out of the chamber.

The next thing you want to do is to examine the dagger and look for anything that can point you in the direction of the traitor. A thorough investigation of the base of the hilt will reveal the one responsible for the assassination. You now have everything you need to complete the quest.

As you get close to the doorway, two groups of mobs will ambush you from out of nowhere. They were waiting for anyone who finds the dagger and will silence them to keep the traitor’s secret. Fight them off and return to the other world.

Presenting the Evidence and Accusing the Traitor

Evidence in hand, go back to the Council Chamber and present your evidence. The Magistrates will be reluctant to listen at first but things get exciting once you submit the dagger as evidence.

All three judges will now listen to who you will choose as the Traitor. And who you choose as the traitor will have consequences. Remember the symbol on the base of the hilt. That is the symbol of the Traitor.

So what happens if you wrongly accuse the wrong person? For the Fae, a false accusation is grounds for immediate execution. At this point, you will have no choice but to defend yourself.

How to get the Fae Protector Signet in Remnant 2?

If you choose anyone other than the actual assassin, all three judges will unite in ending you for making a mockery of the court. The fight no is different from taking on a regular Fae Knight but there are three of them and keeping track of which enemy teleports to where is a headache and a half. If you manage to kill all three of them, you will be rewarded with the Fae Protector Signet.

Increases Max Health and Stamina by 10 and reduces Encumbrance by 5.

Now that we have that covered, let’s see what happens if you chose to accuse the assassin.

If you chose correctly, the traitor will be quick to tell everyone in earshot their reasoning why the One True King has to die. After which they will be swiftly executed. (Words don’t do the scene justice. Better to witness it itself in-game.)

The remaining judges will present to you the Ornate Blade melee weapon as a reward for solving the case in their stead. They will quickly thank you and move on to bigger concerns such as ‘what to do with the usurper that’s claiming the throne’?

But that’s another story for another time. And this is everything you need to know about the Council Chamber and how to figure out its puzzles. We hope that it has been useful to you in some shape or form. Do remember, different tilesets mean the possibility of secret passages and events. Of which there are a couple known to us. Namely, the hidden gallery and plain ribbon event.

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