Remnant 2: How to Get the Tranquil Heart

This guide talks about the Tranquil Heart relic and how to get it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Tranquil Heart cover

The Tranquil Heart is one of the relics that can be obtained in Remnant 2, which grants players passive healing and a way to regain health in a pinch. Read ahead as we talk more about the Tranquil Heart and how to get it in Remnant 2.

How to get the Tranquil Heart

Remnant 2 How to Get the Tranquil Heart

To get the Tranquil Heart, you must first obtain the Tormented Heart then take it to Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat, Losomn. Nimue will then give you the Tranquil Heart in exchange for the Tormented Heart.

In order to get the Tormented Heart, you need to get the Override Pin from N’Erud and then give it to the Nightweaver’s Web in Morrow Parish.

Tranquil Heart Stats

The Tranquil Heart passively grants 2 Health Regeneration per second. On use, doubles All Health Regeneration for 15s. It is best worn by support types in their builds to maximize healing.

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