Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set: How to Get It

This guide talks about the Realmwalker Set and how to obtain it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Realmwalker Set cover

The Realmwalker Set is one of the armor sets that can be unlocked in Remnant 2. It is the main starting set of the Explorer Archetype and offers high mobility thanks to its lightweight materials.

Read ahead as we talk more about the Realmwalker Set in Remnant 2.

How to unlock the Realmwalker Set

How to unlock the Realmwalker Set - remnant 2

To unlock the Realmwalker Set, you must first complete the campaign once and obtain the Broken Compass drop from Annihilation. Start a new world and take the Broken Compass to Wallace to craft it into the Golden Compass engram. Doing so will unlock the Explorer Archetype. You can then choose to immediately switch to the Explorer Archetype and then get the Realmwalker Set right away.

Alternatively, if you wish to choose an Archetype that is different from the Explorer, you can also purchase the parts of the set from Whispers for a total of 2,725 scrap.

Realmwalker Set Parts and Stats






Realmwalker Beret

400 scraps



Bleed: 0
Fire: 0
Shock: 1
Blight: 1
Toxin: 0

Realmwalker Tunic

1,150 scraps



Bleed: 3
Fire: 2
Shock: 3
Blight: 4
Toxin: 0

Realmwalker Gloves

825 scraps



Bleed: 0
Fire: 1
Shock: 1
Blight: 1
Toxin: 0

Realmwalker Pantaloons

350 scraps



Bleed: 2
Fire: 1
Shock: 2
Blight: 3
Toxin: 0

The Realmwalker Set is a light gear set that allows greater mobility and improves successful dodges from enemy attacks, and it also provides moderate Blight resistance. Other than its armor, weight, and resistances the set does not provide any other set bonuses.

Realmwalker Set Uses

Despite being not a very spectacular set to use stat wise, the Realmwalker Set has a very special use. Getting the complete set is an important step in unlocking the Archon Archetype as one of the requirements to get it is to wear the same gear that Ford wore back then. According to the gear description, the set once belonged to Andrew Ford.

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