Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Guide

This guide talks about The Great Sewers and how to clear it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 The Great Sewers cover

The Great Sewers is one of the dungeons that can be explored in Remnant 2. This dungeon is situated in the underground region of Losomn and is full of putrid waste and enemies. Read ahead as we talk more about The Great Sewers in Remnant 2.

The Great Sewers Walkthrough

Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Walkthrough

The Great Sewers have a layout that is not like a maze, however there is a bit of verticality with the bridges and scaffoldings that run along and across the sewers. The enemies that you’ll be encountering in the sewers will mostly be Drans that are weak in the head, and slimes that usually drop from the ceilings.

You can expect to find the Burden of the Divine ring as a drop in one of the events in the sewers, as well as some Losomn-specific rings. Other than that and the boss’ unique drop, there are no other items that are specific to this dungeon.

Bloat King Boss Fight

Bloat King Boss Fight - Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Walkthrough

The Bloat King is a mass of flesh that clings to the walls in its flood chamber lair. It is also accompanied by its ooze brood that constantly patrol the sludgy floor of the chamber.

The chamber where you will be fighting this boss have elevated platforms that you can stand on. If ever you fall into the wet area, there are some ladders that you can climb back on to within the inner walls.

As much as possible, avoid falling into the wet area which will be full of ooze especially in higher difficulties as you can easily get mobbed as you climb back up the stairs. Alternatively, you can deliberately go down and kill some of the ooze to replenish your ammo, although there are masses that fall from the ceiling that also drop ammo occasionally.

The Bloat King has two attacks: energy shots from its life orbs, and laser beams.

Life Orbs

Bloat King Boss Life Orbs attack pattern - Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Walkthrough

The boss has the ability to shoot its life orb/s that will constantly float in the chamber. They can shoot out energy shots and an occasional large energy orb that has a larger explosive range. These orbs can be shot at to destroy its initial barrier, after which it will take double the damage. It will fly around the chamber for a few more seconds before it goes back to the flesh body.

The damage that the life orbs take contribute to the boss’ health bar, and since the main flesh body takes reduced damage, consider the life orb attack as the boss’ damage phase. Don’t waste your bullets shooting at the boss when its orbs aren’t out, but rather use this time to find cover for its laser beams.

At the first part, the boss will only let out one life orb and then later one, it will shoot out two with one of them acting as a decoy. Look for the orb that is pulsating as it is the real one. Breaking the real orb’s shield will dispel the other orb.

Laser Beam

Bloat King Boss Laser Beam attack pattern - Remnant 2 The Great Sewers Walkthrough

Once the life orb goes back to the flesh body, the boss will start charging up before shooting out a laser beam aimed at your direction. Pay attention to its animation as well as a warning sound that will ring out right before it does its attack. Look for huge pipes that you can hide behind and stay under cover until it lets out its life orbs again.

After defeating the Bloat King, you will receive its unique drop called Bone Sap. This material can be used to craft the Voltaic Rondure weapon mod over at McCabe.

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