Remnant 2 The Labyrinth Guide

This guide talks about The Labyrinth in Remnant 2, how to defeat its boss, and how to find its secrets.

Remnant 2 The Labyrinth cover

The Labyrinth is one of the worlds in Remnant 2 that serves as a nexus point for all possible worlds in the Remnant universe. In it resides The Keeper, who is also finding a way to prevent the Root from spreading even further, as getting access to The Labyrinth itself would spell the end of reality.

Read ahead as we explore The Labyrinth in Remnant 2 and share some tips and its secrets.

How to access The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth in Remnant 2 can be accessed after completing your first non-Earth world through the World Stone. After defeating the main boss of the world, you will receive a Strange Object, also known as an Index Segment, that will enable you to reach The Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth Walkthrough

The Labyrinth Walkthrough

Upon arriving at The Labyrinth, you will come across a Strange Pedestal that appears to be a receptacle for something. Further exploring the place will put you into encounters against the golems, entities that appear to be made out of rock and powered by light. The small golems don’t pose much of a threat, but keep an eye out for the larger golems and the floating golems that are way tougher and deadlier. Their common weak points are the light cubes on their bodies.

Your objective for now is to follow the paths to reach the checkpoints. Relying on your mini map will help show you the way as it will show you paths that may look like gaps at first until you approach them and then bridges will appear. Certain doors can only be opened from one side and usually have light cubes that can be shot to unlock the doors. These doors usually provide shortcuts to previously explored areas.

Look out for items that are usually places on a stone pedestal such as the Shard Banded Ring, Encrypted Ring, and the Dense Silicon Ring.

As you pass through your second circular portal, you will land nearby another checkpoint. Up ahead is another circular portal, but before entering that, take note of this area as it will be needed for a secret later on. Also, remember to open the door nearby to get a shortcut back to the Strange Pedestal.

Enter the portal and you will arrive at an area near a veil. Go through the veil to arrive at a room where an event will happen. To start the event, shoot at the glowing cube in the middle of the room. This will turn the cube into a ball of light and enemies will start to spawn in. The enemies will get tougher as the waves progress.

After eliminating all of the enemies, the light ball will implode and you will clear the event. You will also be rewarded with the Amplitude trait. Continue to the next room to find the Master Portal Key which is a quest item. You can then head back to the Strange Pedestal where the Master Portal Key goes. Place the key on the pedestal to open up another portal.

Labyrinth Sentinel

Labyrinth Sentinel - Remnant 2 Labyrinth Walkthrough

Once you reach the next area and used the next checkpoint, you will encounter the Labyrinth Sentinel, which is a huge levitating cube boss. It will split into eight parts, with some landing in particular areas of the maze, while some stay afloat. Pay attention to these cubes as some of them have the light cube weak points, and some have faces that have divots or cracks that you can take refuge in.

The ones that stay in the air will shoot projectiles at you, while the ones on the ground will roll on their set paths. Another thing to look out for are cub projections that fly towards your las location. Your objective is to shoot all the light cubes which will destroy the faces of the cube. Once all light cubes have been destroyed, all of the cubes will crumble and you will complete the fight.

After the fight, continue moving towards the next area where you will see a huge floating ball. A cutscene will play which will reveal that the ball is a manifestation of The Keeper, the Guardian of The Labyrinth. You will also be reunited with Clementine who has already made a connection with The Keeper, much like how she did with the Guardian of Reisum.

The Keeper will then ask for your help in gathering the other Index Segments by exploring the other worlds. You will also be given the Biome Portal Key which allows you to travel to other worlds.

At this point, you can continue to your next world or take the time to explore more of The Labyrinth.

The Labyrinth Secret Areas

The Labyrinth Secret Areas - Remnant 2

The Labyrinth has several secret areas that hide some unique items and weapons.

Secret Area #1 – Energized Neck Coil

Go to the area with the two stone statues and look for the wall in between them that has a cross indentation. You will find a small hole at the base of the cross that you can crawl through. Next, follow the path through the cave and you will find the Energized Neck Coil at the end of the path.

Secret Area #2 – Vengeful Strike and Labyrinth Staff

From the noted spot earlier, facing the portal, turn left where you will see the gyroscope structure from a distance. Head towards that area until you reach the end, then wait for a bridge to form. Continue moving through the area and time your jump on the moving platform. You will arrive at an area where a tough golem will spawn. Defeat it and you will obtain the Vengeful Strike Mutator. Just up ahead is where the Labyrinth Staff is propped by the rocks.

Secret Area #3 – Cipher Rod

Back at the shifting portal from earlier, wait for a few moments until the portal shifts and shows a platform and a bridge. As soon as you go through, continue moving forward to land on the bridge. Explore the area up ahead where you will find the Cipher Rod.

Secret Area #4 – Reprocessed Heart

Back once again at the shifting portal, wait for it to shift showing a bird’s eye view of some platforms. As soon as you go through, move and aim to fall through the next portal where you will come out and land on a platform. On this platform is where you will find the Reprocessed Heart.