Remnant II Trailer Introduces New Handler Archetype Class and Pet Dog

We get to pet a doggie!

Gearbox Publishing and Gunfire Games have recently released the new Remnant II trailer featuring the Handler Archetype and their pet dog.

The new Best Friends trailer features the Handler Archetype which specializes in canine combat and teamwork to take down any threat that stands in their way. Players will be able to control the dog companion to attack and distract enemies when needed. The Handler’s Prime Perk allows their companion to revive them or their teammates while their Archetype Trait allows them to reduce all friendly fire done to all allies and themselves.

Remnant II plunges players deeper into a devastated world requiring a mix of methodical and frenetic ranged and melee combat against cunning enemies and punishing boss battles. Enter the fray as a lone-wolf or even the odds by teaming up with two friends to overcome daunting challenges. Each time players start a new playthrough of Remnant II they will be brought into a new world built from a wide pool of locations, enemies, NPCs, bosses, and weapons. These dynamically built levels allow for unique experiences as elements are woven organically into the world and narrative. 

remnant ii trailer

Remnant II launches in Summer 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Press Release