How to repair your starship in No Man’s Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan

A complete guide on how to repair your starship in No Man's Sky Expedition 7: Leviathan.

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So you’ve decided to go do the Expedition 7: Leviathan in No Man’s Sky. As a standard operating procedure in every new No Man’s Sky playthrough, your first order of business is to look for your crashed starship and repair it. This guide will show you how to repair your starship in No Man’s Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan, especially that you’ll find yourself in a planet with hostile conditions.

First, you make a beeline for your starship, assess the damage, and you’ll find that both your Launch Thruster and Pulse Engine are wrecked. After finding your ship and absorbing the first Memory Fragment, your next mission is to repair the crashed ship. Not to worry as all the materials that you need can be easily gathered on the planet’s surface.

Gather the materials needed to repair starship

Here are the stuff that you need to repair your starship in No Man’s Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan:

  • Launch Thruster:
    • x50 Pure Ferrite
    • x1 Di-hydrogen Jelly
      • x40 Di-hydrogen
  • Pulse Engine:
    • Hermetic Seal
      • x30 Condensed Carbon
    • Metal Plating
      • x50 Ferrite Dust

You gather the materials, craft them and put them on the ship. The problem is you do not have the recipe for the Hermetic Seal. That’s because this recipe is locked behind one of the milestones.

Die and return to the Leviathan Expedition

Even if you start mining early and fix your Mining Tool’s Terrain Manipulator, you won’t have the blueprint for the Hermetic Seal you need to fix the Pulse Engine until you complete the Iterate/Repeat quest, which requires you to die.

There are several ways to die in No Man’s Sky:

  • Engage in combat, fight some sentinels or local fauna until your health is fully depleted and die;
  • Or use your jetpack to propel yourself upward and then release to let go and die due to fall damage;
  • Or expose yourself in severe weather or environmental conditions until your stats are fully depleted and die.

This is the part of the expedition where you need to prepare to die and ignore the rest of the repairs for the time being.

Complete the Iterate/Repeat milestone

Yes, sadly, you cannot not die in this expedition. Before you do so, however, make sure that you have either made an auto save by jumping in and out of your starship or by making a manual save. Otherwise, your death will not count towards the milestone and you will have to look for your ship all over again.

Once you’ve done so, you will revive once more and you’ll have to go to your ship again. The only way to get back to the planet and find your Starship is to reload your last newly-saved game. But this time, you will have the Hermetic Seal recipe to use and finally be able to repair your ship and get off the planet.

Even if you don’t complete all of the previously unlocked Milestones from the Expedition menu, completing them will provide a much better starting point and give you access to the Hermetic Seal plans that were previously only available to those who completed all of the previously unlocked Milestones.

Complete the Iterate/Repeat milestone - How to repair your starship in No Man's Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan
You have to die ONLY after making a save file of your expedition.

Repair Launch Thruster

Repairing the Launch Thrusters is the next step, now that the Hermetic Seal has been unlocked. To do so, you’ll need Pure Ferrite and Di-Hydrogen Jelly, both of which can be obtained using the Portable Refiner, which comes pre-packed in your inventory. If your Multi-Tool has a Scatter Blaster upgrade, then you are ready to begin repairing your damaged starship after ensuring that all of your new Memory Fragments have been absorbed.

Repair Pulse Engine

A Metal Plate can be made using any leftover Ferrite Dust and Condensed Carbon that you can locate to repair the Pulse Engine. It’s also worth noting that your Starship comes equipped with a Life Support Gel, but it’s never a bad idea to stock up on additional Oxygen sources just in case. A little inventory management may be required to keep track of your supplies, but the resources should be easy to locate.

And that’s it, your starship is ready to fly. But fist you have to complete your next task, which is to locate Specialist Polo on the Space Anomaly, and after that’s done, you’ll be ready to take off.

Speak with Polo in the Space Anomaly

The Anomaly can be summoned by using the fast menu (Down on d-pad) when flying through space. Polo may be found by following the HUD marker to the raised area in front of you when you land. Polo is the little guy on the right as you enter, he’ll offer you a taste of the continuous time-loop narrative and reveal a slew of new goods to find, although collecting the rewards from your previous task will assist.

Expedition 7 Leviathan Starting Tips

If you have read this guide before even starting the expedition, then we have to say, that’s a smart move because we got some tips here for you to make the first part of your journey a bit smoother.

  • If this isn’t your first expedition, then you may have known by now that you can see most of the milestones that you will have to do throughout the expedition. You can do this by looking at the Expedition Log in the pause menu. This will help you know what you have to do ahead of time.
  • Milestones can be completed in no particular order, so to streamline the beginning of your expedition, you can actually just complete the Iterate/Repeat milestone as soon as you reach your ship and make a save file.
  • Capital freighters are a much more common sight in this expedition, and they’re usually accompanied by big cargo frigates. To get easy money, you can simply break the cargo holds of these frigates and get the goods inside as they sell for some decent amount of units. However, doing this will alert the sentinels and send one sentinel flyer to chase you. As long as you have enough sodium to replenish your shields, then you can do this without worrying about getting shot down, so long as you do not destroy the single flyer as this will spawn more. You can call upon the Anomaly or just fly to a nearby space station to bail out.

If you need more tips about the expedition, check out our full walkthrough on the No Man’s Sky Expedition 7 Leviathan – Complete Guide.

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