Resident Evil 4 Remake SG-09 R Handgun Guide

SG-09 R Handgun lore, stats, upgrades, and how to use.

Resident Evil 4 Remake SG-09 R Handgun

The SG-09 R Handgun is Leon’s signature weapon in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. This custom built handgun is personally fitted for his personal use and can be upgraded to perform even better. Here’s a guide for learning how to use the SG-09 R Handgun in the Remake.

What is the SG-09 R Handgun in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

The SG-09 R Handgun is your starting weapon in Resident Evil 4 Remake. It’s the first gun you’ll ever get in the game and with proper upgrades, it can carry you through to the end if you take care of it.

This handgun was designed by Joseph Kendo completely from scratch for Leon Kennedy in his mission to save Ashley Graham. Leon personally went to Kendo to get him to design another Samurai’s Edge for this mission but was turned down in lieu of this weapon. We can presume that the SG stands for “Silver Ghost” which was name of the original handgun in the 2004 release of the original Resident Evil 4 that Leon picked.

There’s a bit of difference in the lore when it comes to the Resident Evil 4 Remake. The gun SG-09 R is still a custom piece from Kendo but it isn’t his original creation. Instead it’s considered to be an MUP derivative.

The SG-09 R Handgun seems to be inspired by the H&K USP and S&W Sigma handguns in real life. They’re both low recoil handguns which reflects the design of the SG-09 R. In game, it doesn’t have much recoil and has deadly accuracy.

SG-09 R Handgun Attachments

In the original, the SG-09 R Handgun came with a laser sight but that’s been removed in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. However Leon can reattach a laser sight again if he finds one. Though we’re yet to see if other attachments can be outfitted, such as a silencer in lieu of Leon being able to crouch and sneak up behind enemies now.

Where to find SG-09 R Handgun?

The SG-09 R can be received as soon as Leon encounters his first Ganados in a cutscene. This weapon cannot be missed as it is your starting weapon in the game.

SG-09 R Handgun Stats

SG-09 R Handgun Stats and Upgrades


Lvl 1

Lvl 2 Upgrade

MAX Upgrade





Ammo Capacity




Rate of Fire




Reload Speed








Inventory Slot




You can upgrade the SG-09 R Handgun at the Merchant for Pesetas. Each stat can individually be levelled up to make it perform better.

How to Use the SG-09 R Handgun

  • Shoot Vulnerable Spots: The SG-09 R has a high precision and cut constantly lands shots accurately in critical areas. Use this to stagger enemies.
  • Reliable Close to Mid Ranged Combat: The SG-09 R has decent range and can be used for almost any encounter.
  • Ammo is Easy to Find: It’s easy to stock up on SG-09 R ammo thanks to its common location and easy crafting requirements.
How to Use the SG-09 R Handgun

That’s everything about the Resident Evil 4 Remake SG-09 R Handgun. We hope this guide was helpful.