Resident Evil Village DLC Supposed To Have Different Plan

Imagine Chris going crazy.

Resident Evil Village Chris

CAPCOM has recently shared details about the upcoming video game Resident Evil Village DLC and its original plans.

Resident Evil Village Director Kento Kinoshita has recently spoken to media outlet Inside about the new DLC, Shadows of Rose. He revealed the things they were working on for a while before they thought of the final new content. According to him, it involved protagonist Chris Redfield going crazy and possibly people involved with him to try to stop him. Afterwards, the team shifted to the Shadows of Rose DLC.

The idea of Chris doing some crazy stuff is quite wild but also interesting as it has the makings of a story of a protagonist slowly descending to madness and villainy and we are all here to see it. This plan got shelved, but Kinoshita did not say if this would become real in the future. He said that it will depend on the fans.

Another detail that CAPCOM revealed was about Ethan’s face in the game. According to Producer Masao Kawada, in third-person mode, the protagonist’s face will still not be shown. He explained that the reason was due to its representation of the player’s ego so it should be not seen. He also said that if the players do try to move the camera around to see his face, it would only snap back around or change the angle.

resident evil village

Resident Evil Village is now available on PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The Gold Edition will be released on October 28, 2022.