Resident Evil Village Will Support PlayStation VR with Stable Frame Rate

Resident Evil Village Chris

Rumor has it that the upcoming horror survival video game Resident Evil Village will feature a support that only PlayStation hardware could achieve.

A recent tweet from source AestheticGamer revealed that the upcoming horror game will have steady frame rates with the power of the PlayStation virtual reality headset. His sources tell him this after inquiring recently of the reveal trailer from the PlayStation 5 reveal event.

The previous event showed the upcoming game to have shaky frame rates, which worried a lot of fans of the franchise. It was revealed that it was only footage from earlier builds. According to the source when the final build arrives it will have a stable 60 FPS during gameplay. It will also support the PSVR headset, which will make it more immersive to play.

Again, take this new information with a grain of salt since game company CAPCOM has not officially confirmed this.

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