Resident Evil Village Rumored to Get VR Version for PlayStation

Resident Evil Village Chris Redfield

Another leak for another Resident Evil Village playtest was revealed recently.

An individual who took the playtest for the upcoming Village title divulged some very interesting information to gaming website Biohazard Declassified. It revealed details like enemy types, weapons, items, NPCs, and so much more. One of the biggest details though was something no one expected to be available right off the bat.

According to the source, it was revealed that the upcoming game will have a VR version on the PlayStation side. The individual revealed that CAPCOM is currently waiting on Sony Interactive Entertainment to announce this revelation to the public.

If this leak will be proven true and SIE will confirm this, then it would also confirm that PlayStation VR will be compatible to the next-gen console PlayStation 5. It was also revealed before that there was no need to make a new PS VR set since it will be compatible with PS5.

Again, take all of these new details with a grain of salt.

Source: Biohazard Declassified