Resident Evil Village Rumored Coming to Xbox Game Pass Soon

Big lady is going to haunt Xbox Game Pass soon?!

Resident Evil Village

Microsoft may have been caught red-handed putting on the Xbox Game Pass tag on Resident Evil Village, which could mean it could come to the subscription service.

The Polish gaming website XGP recently reported that the Xbox Store page has recently put the Xbox Game Pass tag quietly on Resident Evil Village. While this is all and good, CAPCOM has not made any announcement or even a teaser on their official social media accounts. It has now been removed by Microsoft, but they were caught. It could be possible it was an error on their part, but it could also mean the game could be coming to the subscription service soon. And also, it is about time.

This is not the only time XGP caught Microsoft doing such things on the Xbox Store page. Just a year ago, the game company was also caught by XGP putting the Xbox Game Pass tag on Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It was later added officially to the service, which made XGP credited its claim to be legitimate.

No official word yet on CAPCOM or Microsoft as of the moment, but it could be announced soon.

Resident Evil Village is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.