Respawn Entertainment Job Posting Hinting New Game in Development

According to the official website of game developer Respawn Entertainment, it seems they are working on a new IP.

The game developer is the one behind the popular online multiplayer battle royale Apex Legends, online game Titanfall, and single-player masterpiece Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Its official website seems to be showing some activity of working on a new game. The job listing kind of hints it that way.

The website revealed that the new job listing is for a generalist software engineer. The description heavily hints that it will involve in developing a brand-new IP. This is very exciting news for fans of the developers and its games.

The game developer also made sure that those who got the position will not worry about bad development practices. They have “Hard-zero policy against crunch and overtime.”

No other hints were given on the job listing, but this bit of information clearly tells of a new IP is coming. Hopefully more details will be coming later on next year.

Source: Official Website