Returnal 2.0 Update Finally Implements Suspend Cycle and Photo Mode

The day where players can suspend their cycle is finally here!

Housemarque brings great news for fans as Returnal 2.0 Update is finally here adding the most wanted feature: suspend cycle.

Returnal 2.0 Update Released

Game Director Harry Krueger announced that the new update has arrived today and will be available for download on PS5. Two major features have been added with the new update, which are the Suspend Cycle and Photo Mode.

At Last, Suspend Cycle is Here

The Suspend Cycle is now a main feature in this game, which allows players to pause their cycle and can be continued at a later time. They can finally pause their game, exit it, and then turn off their console without losing their progress in that session. It will still have the same game structure, but only the addition of the Suspend Cycle. It will just create a single use suspend point and once a player resumes it, the suspend point gets deleted and cannot be used again.

Players will have to continue directly from that point where they left it. If they want to suspend the cycle again, another suspend point will be created and it will start from there. There are certain limitations though like no suspend points during Boss battles, cinematics, first-person sequences, or during intense combat scenarios. Housemarque wanted to preserve the intended challenge and flow, but also wanted players to rest a bit in areas of the game where there are no intense scenarios.

Krueger revealed that Suspend Cycle was created for players who want to experience the game in shorter bursts.

Photo Mode for Preserving Intense Moments

Another main feature that got added was the Photo Mode. Players can now capture the intense moments that Selene has experienced in the planet of Atropos and allow them to preserve them for a long while in the internet. At any point in the game, players can just pause it and enter Photo Mode. They can control the camera during this time so they can position it in different angles.

Players are offered various options for editing like focal distance, aperture, saturation, and contrast. They can also change the different sources of light to highlight the scene and choose from different filters, effects, frames, coloring options and more. After completing the settings, just press the Create button on the DualSense button to take the photo.

Both features are finally available with the new update. Download now to experience the fun!

Returnal is now available on PS5.

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