Returnal HouseCast Episode 3 Video Features New Footage


Game company Housemarque Games recently released the newest video of upcoming video game Returnal.

The new video features some new footage from the game with gameplay and cutscenes. As always, Game Director Harry Krueger is the one explaining things throughout the video.

The first part of the video talks about how Housemarque started as a company and how it evolved with the development of this latest game. One of the significant features of the video were the DualSense controller capabilities with it.

Players will be taking advantage of the adaptive triggers in this game. Pulling the aim midway would make aiming completely accurate while pulling it all the way will make it use the alt-fire mode. It was designed to be intuitive and seamless for them.

Kreuger also talks about how they take advantage of the 3D audio and haptic feedback as well. The whole episode is more or less 9 minutes long.

Returnal will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on March 19.

Here’s the video: