Returnal Official Details Confirm Ray Tracing and 60FPS Features


After unconfirmed leaks were recently posted on social media, game studio Housemarque has made it official about the new interesting features that upcoming video game Returnal offers to PlayStation fans.


The upcoming rogue-lite PS5 exclusive shooter already offers an awesome gameplay experience in a recent video, but this time its PlayStation page shares more details. Two of these new details are about the visuals that fans have found fascinating.

Housemarque has confirmed that the game will have ray-traced lighting on PS5. “Experience high-fidelity ambient lighting that is specifically designed to adapt in real-time to Atropos’ dynamic environment,” its description says.

Aside from that, Housemarque says that the game will deliver a “consistent 60 frames-per-second and a 4K resolution” gameplay. Expect a high-octane playthrough when this launches later on. Reaction time would be quick and fluid with quite the high resolution all the time. That is quite the gameplay to look forward to.

Add that to the amazing 3D audio and DualSense controller features that was reported a few days ago here, it will be quite the gaming experience.

Returnal launches later on April 30 exclusively on PlayStation 5. Are you guys excited to play this game later? Tell us your expectations on the comments below!

Source: Official PlayStation Page