Returnal Statistics Revealed by Housemarque

Game developer Housemarque has recently shared some interesting statistics of recently released PlayStation 5 exclusive video game Returnal.


There are several details that Housemarque shared and they are mostly about player deaths, enemies killed, hours played, and more. For hours played, there have been 5,806,493 hours in from all players recorded. There have bee 9.02 million player deaths, which is understandable since this is that kind of game.

Players have killed a ton of enemies throughout their playthroughs combined since there have been 1015.9 million of them. There has been one type of enemy that has been the main cause of player deaths and that is the Phrike, which has been reported to be one of the most difficult enemies to defeat.

It was also revealed that the most popular weapon used in this game is the Hollowseeker.

Returnal is now available on PlayStation 5.