Returnal Devs Warn Players to Turn Off PS5 Auto-Updates After Issue Surfaces

Game developer Housemarque recently posted on social media to warn players of Returnal to turn off the auto-updates of the PlayStation 5 after what they have discovered.


On the official Twitter account of the developer, this was a public service announcement after they found out that some players have lost their runs when they updated the game. A reviewer of the game had the same experience when his loaner PS5 auto-updated the game. It lost his best run and now he has to go back from the start.

The game is a roguelike title where if their character dies in the midst of it, that run is gone and will have to go back to the beginning to start over again. There is no save or checkpoint feature in the middle of the run where they can ideally go back at it again when they are able to. Some have used the PS5’s rest mode to suspend the game, but that is not ideal too since it could ruin the run if they play another game.

It is better to turn off auto-updates for now. Just go to the settings, saved data and game, app settings, and you will find automatic updates. Toggle the Auto-Download or Auto-Install in Rest Mode option off.

What do you think guys? Is it still better to have a quicksave option for Returnal? Share your opinions below!

Returnal is now available exclusively on PS5.