Riders Republic Players Can Hang Out with Friends Anywhere Without Penalty

There are also other activities to enjoy in it as well.

Riders Republic

Ubisoft Annecy Associate Game Director Boris Maniora recently shared some details with media outlet Gamebyte in an exclusive interview about what makes Riders Republic stand out from the rest.

In the interview, Maniora explained that this game will give fans of extreme sports a lot of freedom and that feature makes the game stand out from the rest. He revealed that “It’s fully seamless, it’s fully open world, and you can free-roam everywhere.”

Extreme sports is all about freedom and Riders Republic definitely captures the heart of it as a video game.

So for those who just want to hang out and chill with their friends online somewhere on the map, they are free to do so. From what Maniora says, it seems just staying put in one area and not participating in any races is okay. There will be no penalty for just hanging around and just watching the view together with other players.

There are other activities to do as well aside from just hanging out or racing with buddies. Spawning on the world map will give players a bird eye view of the entire park. There is also a fog of war so that exploration is encouraged and there are collectibles to find, including balloons and natural beauty spots.

Riders Republic will not be just about racing and doing extreme sports. It will be about freedom and seamless exploration. It will launch on October 28, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.