Rise of the Ronin: How to get a Horse

Rise of the Ronin How to get a Horse Mount

Rise of the Ronin offers players various options to fast-travel around the world. While you can soar through the skies with a glider, exploring the large map by land requires a mount, such as the Horse. Horses not only allows for faster travel and exploration, but also helps a lot in completing quests while taking in the game’s stunning landscapes and historical landmarks. As such, here’s how to get your first Horse Mount in Rise of the Ronin.

How to get a Horse in Rise of the Ronin?

The first method to get a horse is by purchasing one from Stables. Players can buy horses at various stables throughout the game using Silver Coins. This route not only lets you get a horse right away, but it also offers you a variety of mount designs to choose based of your preference and budget. You can find a stable early on near the Veiled Edge Banner of the Ishikawa region in Yokohama.

The second method to get a horse is by completing an early-game quest. Once you get to the Honmoku region after the prologue, you can get your first horse by clearing the first Public Order, which involves defeating enemies in the village.

Get your first Horse through a quest - How to get a Horse mount in Rise of the Ronin

Once you restore the Public order, head over to the the horse near the banner and interact with the corpse (RI) covered in hay to obtain your first mount called Chestnut Horse along with a Horse Flute.

How to Use a Horse in Rise of the Ronin?

With the Horse Flute on hand, equip the item in your action loadout and use it to summon your horse on any location within the game. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access your Equipment menu
  2. Navigate to your Items category
  3. Equip the Horse Flute on any loadout slot
  4. Exit the menu and press the D-pad button according to the loadout where you equipped the Horse Flute to summon your mount.

You may easily move around and alter the camera angle after you’re mounted by using your joysticks. While riding, you can gallop by pressing Circle, and you can use a subweapon by pressing L2. Just push L3 to get off your horse.

How to have your horse auto-follow roads in Rise of the Ronin?

How to have your horse auto-follow roads in Rise of the Ronin

Once you mount your horse in Rise of the Ronin, you’ll get the ability to Auto-Run. To use this feature, press L2 to activate the map marker, then select the option to Set Auto-Run Destination. Your horse will be summon right away and will begin to move towards the location.

You can press the touchpad to stop the auto-navigation if you need to explore an area or pick up items. Then Push R1 + Touchpad to resume Auto-run. Additionally, you may speed up by pressing Circle to make it gallop. This can be useful if you’re in a hurry but still prefer to use auto-navigation instead of moving manually. Keep in mind that your horse may still get stuck or hit obstacles occasionally. If this happens, you may have to manually navigate past the obstacle.

How to upgrade horse speed in Rise of the Ronin?

To make your horse faster in Rise of the Ronin, you can visit any stable in the world and explore options for new horses, especially tacks that increase speed. While the horse you start with is useful, you’ll eventually have access to better and faster options as you go.

Using the R2 button, you can compare various choices at the stable to your current horse and tack, taking into account factors like speed and additional perks. In higher-level regions, you can find better horses and equipment. These provide many perks, like increased primary attack and reduced damage taken while mounted.

How to get more horses in Rise of the Ronin?

To get more horses and better tacks, simply visit any Stable. When you talk to the stable master, you’ll be able to browse the available horses and saddles for sale. You can compare them with what you have by pressing R2, and buy the ones you want if you have enough Silver coins.