RoboCop: Rogue City Endings Choices Explained

Discover every RoboCop: Rogue City ending and dive into choices shaping the interquel narrative between RoboCop 2 and 3 in this guide.

RoboCop Rogue City endings explained

RoboCop: Rogue City has multiple endings decided by the choices you’ve made throughout the campaign. Being an interquel that ties RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3, Rogue City answers a lot of what happens between the two movies. However, much of what happens is actually under your control.

In this article, I’ll explain each of the RoboCop: Rogue City endings and what happens in them. Not just the major decisions like what to do with the Old Man at the end, but also what happens to supporting characters like Ulysses Washington and Samantha Ortiz. Be warned of major spoilers since we are talking about the ending.

There are multiple variants to the distinct endings of RoboCop: Rogue City. You can unlock a specific ending depending on the consequential choices you’ve made. When it comes to both the main story missions and side missions, there are different fates that await each character.

Save the Old Man or Leave Him to Die Ending

The last choice you’ll make in RoboCop: Rogue City. After the final boss fight, RoboCop will decide whether to save the Old Man, leave him to die, or kill him. Here’s the outcome for each choice:

What happens if you save the Old Man?

Saving the Old Man - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Saving the Old Man is the good ending of Robocop: Rogue City and the best choice. RoboCop has a moment of humanity as musters the strength to push the debris off the Old Man. He succeeds and the Old Man manages to get up. However another crashing debris is coming at RoboCop and the Old Man returns the favor by pushing him out of the way and being crushed by the debris himself.

This choice reflects that regardless of what you pick, the Old Man dies by being crushed. It’s just the symbolic nature of this ending that shows the humanity that is both in Murphy and the Old Man. Despite the metal exterior lies the soul of what makes them human beings.

What happens if you leave the Old Man to die?

Leaving the Old Man to die - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

For everything he’s done, RoboCop looks at the Old Man with apathy. He turns to leave the crumbling OCP building while the Old Man can only try to reach out for him futilely.

This choice is also symbolic with a bit of irony. The Old Man spent what must his entire life working for OCP only for the building to act as his hubris and crush him. He lived by OCP and died by OCP. However this reflects as a more robotic response for RoboCop who suppresses his human nature.

What happens if you kill the Old Man?

Killing the Old Man - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Instead of just walking away, RoboCop rips off the wires that make the Old Man function. He ensures that the Old Man is put down for good.

The Old Man may not be responsible for killing Murphy but he had a hand for making him the Frankenstein’s machine that he is today. Not only that, but RoboCop finds out that the Old Man is secretly the one funding Wendell who shot Lewis. This choice also represents a sliver of RoboCop’s human side. If only a more vengeful and spiteful side of his humanity.

What Happens to Ulysses Washington’s Ending

Ulysses Washington is the new recruit assigned to watch over RoboCop. However, he’s often mistreated by his fellow officers due to coming from OCP. You have the chance to help him get a backbone and get accepted by his coworkers.

There are multiple chances in the game to support Ulysses. You’ll mostly be able to do this during the Field Training side mission and by telling Sgt. Reed, whether you trust him or not. This will affect what happens to him at the ending.

What happens if you help Ulysses?

Helping Ulysses - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

By continuing to support Ulysses and telling Reed that you trust him, Ulysses will stay on OCPD. The ending shows that Ulysses is happy as a police officer and that he just saved his first animal from a restaurant using them for ingredients.

This is no doubt the best ending for Ulysses Washington. Not only does he gain the respect of his peers but proves himself to be a capable police officer. He’s living a happier life as a police officer than a corporate shill working for OCP.

What happens if you don’t help Ulysses?

Not Helping Ulysses - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

By not supporting Ulysses and telling Reed that you don’t trust him, Ulysses will eventually leave the OCPD. The ending shows Ulysses Washington as an OCP employee who saves the life of a police officer. However he’s in hot water for attempting to steal said officer’s badge because he claims it was once his.

I’m not going to lie, this ending for Ulysses is equally sad and funny. It shows that even when he fails as a police officer, Ulysses is still a good guy. However he clearly misses the life of being a public servant as his attempts to steal the officer’s badge comes off as kind of comical.

What Happens to Samantha Ortiz’ Ending

Depending on whether you helped intrepid reporter, Samantha Ortiz, on her side quests affect the game’s ending. RoboCop can either choose to arrest her for violating the law or assist her in revealing the truth against OCP.

What happens if you help Samantha Ortiz?

Helping Samantha Ortiz - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Samantha will not reveal RoboCop’s malfunction near the end of the game and even gives him the only recording of it. However, she’s framed by Channel 9 for collaborating with terrorists and trying to expose OCP. Quite obviously, she loses her job.

There are many instances in the game where you’ll be tempted to arrest Samantha. But if you can persevere through that, she’ll eventually come around. Samantha will even protect RoboCop and apologize to him.

What happens if you don’t help Samantha Ortiz?

Not Helping Samantha Ortiz - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Samantha is unable to prove her accusations against the OCP. However she manages to land on her feet relatively well. The ending has her become the morning show host for Channel 9.

It’s not the worst of fates considering what happens to the others. Being a morning show host isn’t a bad gig but Samantha is clearly meant for more. Unlike other journalists, it’s clear that Samantha does want to do what’s best for the people of Detroit. Even if she’s antagonistic towards RoboCop.

What Happens to Pickles’ Ending

Pickles who acts as an informant for Briggs occasionally finds himself helping RoboCop. However after a side mission where you help him find a movie only to learn that there was money hidden by the Torch Heads on the case, you have to decide if you should let him keep the stolen money or take it.

What happens when you take the money away from Pickles?

take the money away from Pickles - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Pickles manages to reform himself and finds a job at the theatre. He even deals with a hostage situation perpetuated by a former senator.

What happens if you let Pickles keep the money?

let Pickles keep the money - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Letting Pickles keep the money leads to his being arrested later for trying to buy Nuke. In the ending of RoboCop: Rogue City, Pickle overdoses on Nuke, and morticians find reptiles and stolen watches inside his corpse.

What Happens to Dr. Blanche’s Ending

After his malfunction at the start of the game, RoboCop is assigned a therapist by the name of Dr. Olivia Blanche. Your responses to her will decide how she advocates for RoboCop at the end of the game.

What happens if you support Dr. Blanche?

Supporting Dr. Blanche - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

Dr. Blanche is mentioned on the Channel 9 news as being able to calm down an ED-209 by keeping a cool head, which she learned from RoboCop. This averts a deadly altercation that could’ve turned quickly ugly. Olivia Blanche even writes a book titled “Coping with Loss,” which is valuable for both humans and machines alike.

Considering that this is an ED-209 we’re talking about, being able to calmly diffuse a situation is no easy feat. The good doctor has learned how to deal with machines from her time with RoboCop.

What happens if you don’t support Dr. Blanche?

Not Supporting Dr. Blanche - RoboCop Rogue City Endings Choices

If you don’t support Dr. Blanche, the parking lot altercation unfortunately turns deadly with ED-209 shooting down a model for SunBlock 5000. Dr. Blanche is witness to all of it and is clear that she doesn’t trust machines as lawmen.

What Happens to the Mayor’s Ending

Election day is near in Detroit, which means politicians will do anything to get elected. As the city’s hero, the citizens naturally look to RoboCop for his opinion on who to support. The mayor choice in this game has a significant impact on the game’s ending.

What happens if you support Kuzak?

Kuzak becomes elected mayor and vows that he’ll sue the OCP even if he has to use a “Japanese” lawyer to do it. However, despite needing RoboCop’s help to become re-elected, he distances himself from the OCPD officer and refuses to grant him human rights.

What happens if you support Mills?

Mills becomes elected mayor. However, since Delta City is scrapped, he promptly quits and leaves Detroit to fend for itself. When the chips are down, John Mills shows his true nature by running away despite promises to help Detroit City and even give RoboCop his human rights.

That explains all the RoboCop: Rogue City endings. For more guides and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for RoboCop: Rogue City here.