RoboCop Rogue City All Enemy Types & How to Counter Them

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The streets of Old Detroit in RoboCop Rogue City were always less than safe. But once the bad guys started getting guns from Wendell Antonowsky, keeping the streets safe became a lot harder. During the course of the investigation into the shady character, RoboCop

In this RoboCop Rogue City guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about all the enemy types you’ll encounter in the game as well as some counters that you might find useful.

The list above is all the kinds of enemies you can expect to run into in RoboCop Rogue City. It’s usually a mix of regular grunts with aid from a special enemy from time to time. Since encounters are mostly isolated, it is not likely that you’ll be swarmed with great numbers. But their armaments are not to be underestimated even on lower difficulty settings.

Torch Heads / Street Thugs

From Torch Heads to street thugs, these are the enemies you will entire mostly on the streets of Old Detroit. They are mostly armed with pistols and SMGs. What they lack in brains they make up with aggression thanks in part to their dependence on Nuke. The most armor you’ll see on them is from the welding helmets the assault rifle users wear.

Street Vultures

The Street Vultures are more organized and carry a deadlier arsenal thanks to their partnership with Wendell Antonowsky. They are mid-tier enemies that hit hard and move fast. You can expect a greater number of high-end weapons like 50-caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers. Their motorcycle groups afford them a great bit of

Wolfram Mercenaries

The highest tier of regular enemies you’ll encounter later in the game is the Wolfram Mercenary Company. They are a collection of dishonorable discharges that will do anything for money. They are highly armored and armed to the teeth with state-of-the-art weapons systems. Encounters with them are always a battle of attrition. Ever seen the last part of John Wick Chapter 3? That’s what it’s like fighting them at higher difficulties.

Melee Users

The first melee enemies you’ll encounter are armored Street Vultures wielding sledgehammers. They try to remain out of sight until you get close enough to swing at you. They are covered in metal plate armor and are resistant to pistol and SMG fire. However, they are easily grabbed and RoboCop can kill them with one throw against a nearby wall.

The only other melee variant in the game appears in the OCP Correctional Facility. These rioting inmates have picked up fire axes and will try to get the jump on RoboCop. Points for trying.


Ka-Boomers are special enemies unique to the Torch Heads. They carry around propane tanks primed to blow up at any second. The nuke is most likely the reason for their fearless trance-like state. They will not stop rushing you even if you have them dead to rights.

Shooting their head is a waste of valuable time. You get better results from shooting their legs and causing the propane tank to explode prematurely.

Fast Movers

Fast Movers are annoying enemies who live and die by their drive-by tactics. They would circle around an area like sharks before speeding away to cover. Usually armed with a pistol or an SMG.

Shooting the rider proves to be the best way to get rid of them. And this might be one of the few times slowing down time actually comes in handy. You can shoot the gas tank to get the trophy/achievement. You can always tell that their bikes are close to exploding by the plumes of black smoke coming from the engine.


Grenadiers are high-priority targets that spam timed explosive charges on your last known location. Two or three shells going off near your vicinity is enough to cause a great deal of damage. They are often supported by a squad of regular enemies. Saving them for last could be a costly mistake.

Picking up a grenade launcher turns the timed explosives into contact grenades. Good against clumped-up enemies and some level of boss stun.


Broadcasters are cowardly enemies who prefer to stay out of sight unless directly confronted by RoboCop. As long as they are alive, they will constantly call in reinforcements. A bar will appear in the corner of the screen, informing you how close the Broadcaster is to transmitting their message.

Stepping in front of a Broadcaster doesn’t seem to halt the progress bar. It only stops once the Broadcaster is no more. They go down like any other grunt.


The only way to tell if a sniper is in play is by spotting the red laser dot dancing in the distance. If the red laser goes anywhere near RoboCop, that’s almost a guaranteed hit. And these .50 caliber sniper rifles hit like a truck. You won’t last long in a sustained fight against them.

If you only have your pistol and a shotgun as a secondary, it might be a good idea to Dash between pieces of cover and try to close the gap before engaging a sniper. Remember, unless your Auto-9 has a high stability stat, you’ll probably only land the first shot of your burst. You can also activate chips that allow for a single-shot firing mode.

Mercs Leader

Mercenary leaders are the cream of the crop when it comes to human enemies. They have more armor than assault troopers armed with shotguns. Their presence on the battlefield alone inspires confidence in nearby allies, allowing them to shoot more accurately.

Since the Merc Leader is heavily armored, you can go for the others he buffs up first. If you have a fully upgraded Shockwave, you can get close to him and shock everyone close to him. In some cases, that might be enough to outright kill him.

UEDs (Urban Enforcement Droids)

The UEDs were supposed to be Becker’s golden ticket to land the CEO position in OCP. The only thing good about them is that they are unquestioning servants who will carry out the orders of the person holding the almighty remote control.

UEDs seldom attack with a single unit. They attack in groups which makes up for their lack of mobility. If you’re going toe-to-toe against them, destroying the head will cause the body to attack nearby droids. Avoid shooting the arms at all costs. Once disarmed, a UED will charge at you with reckless abandon and self-destruct. Since UEDs clump together in groups, you can use explosive throwables to take them out of groups at a time.

OCP Turret

Don’t underestimate the OCP turret just because it is immobile. It can easily tear through RoboCop’s armor in no time. The fastest way to deal with them is to destroy the main gun while dancing in and out of cover.

You also have the option to hack them by looking for a command console. Your scanner will reveal the wires leading to it. And if you have to get close, use your ARMOR ability to reduce the damage taken by 80%. If you have 6 points invested in ENGINEERING, you can turn the turret against the mercenaries.


ED-209 is a familiar foe to anyone who’s watched RoboCop in the cinemas. The Enhancement Droid appears in a handful of sections of the game, first as a main boss and then as miniboss encounters on the way to the objective. They are armed with twin Gatling cannons and a lock-on missile system. Its only weakness is a small port in the front that serves as a loudspeaker.

Oh, let’s not forget about stairs, the real bane of their existence. (Thank you for adding this delightful Easter Egg into the game.)

RoboCop 2

The final boss of the game, RoboCop 2 was supposed to be retired after the incident with Cain. But not letting a bad opportunity go to waste, OCP continued on the failed project in RoboCop: Rogue City far away from the public in a foolish bid for immortality.

This version of RoboCop 2 is more aggressive than the one in the movie. It charges often and won’t hesitate to grab RoboCop for a bit of “bodywork”. It has a minigun on the left and a grenade launcher on its right side. It will use it to destroy sections of the arena in the final boss fight. Its only weakness is the nuke port on the right side of its chest. Hit it often enough and the rampaging beast will be stunned for a few seconds.

And that’s all I know of the enemies in RoboCop Rogue City. Not quite the rogues gallery I was expecting but all the enemies prove to be deadly in their own kind of way. I should really have added Wendell Antonowsky to the list but his end was a lot like Clarance – quick and bloody. More than he deserves. Spike too but I was a bit disappointed with how he chose to make a last stand.

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