RoboCop Rogue City Side Quests Guide (Secondary Objectives)

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RoboCop Rogue City already has a compelling enough story almost on par with the original movie. This also extends to the side quests to some degree. However, I really like the additional touch of having products like Sunscreen 5000 and MagnaVolt Security added in for nostalgia’s sake.

In this guide, I’ll list down all the Secondary Objectives in RoboCop Rogue City and the objectives for each one. Most of them are pretty straightforward but some require you to go to different places and talk to more than one person of interest.

So, do you need to do side quests in RoboCop Rogue City?

Side quests are a good way to expand on the different stories that are happening at the same time as the main story. You may only get 50 EXP for each side quest at the moment of completion, but you’ll get as much as 250 EXP more on your next Evaluation.

Police Station Part 1

Stinky Situation

Location: Hallway on the way to the briefing room
Reward: 50 EXP

Help Officer Estevez take the drunken detainee to custody.

  • Talk to Officer Estevez
  • Carry the drunkard to the cell

Locked and Loaded

Location: Police Station Locker Room
Reward: 50 EXP

Help Officer Ramirez open a stuck locker.

  • Talk to Officer Ramirez
  • Force open the locker

Too Many Complaints

Location: Police Station Lobby
Reward: 50 EXP

Help Officer Chessman handle people who want to report a crime.

  • Talk to Officer Chessman
  • Stand behind the counter

Downtown Part 1

Who Killed Casey Carmel?

Location: Underpass northwest of Downtown. Behind the market.
Reward: 50 EXP

Officers Kurtz and O’Neal need help with a homicide investigation. The victim is a young woman named Casey Carmel, who worked as a prostitute. Find clues to identify the perpetrator and gather evidence to arrest the person responsible for the murder.

  • Talk to Officer Kurtz
  • Investigate the crime scene
  • Question the witness
  • Gain access to the film set
  • Investigate the film set
  • Question Jerry Jenkins
  • Question the Set Manager
  • Analyze the footage
  • Confront Jerry Jenkins
  • Arrest Jerry Jenkins
  • Gain access to the gas station

Stolen Vehicle

Location: Autoshop. Broadstreet Avenue
Reward: 50 EXP

A blue 6000 SUX was reported stolen. The car belonged to Mellisa Kuzak, Mayor Kuzak’s niece, and the mayor expects the case to be resolved quickly. Find clues about the car or perpetrator’s whereabouts, starting at the local repair shop.

  • Inquire at Ben’s Auto Repair
  • Scan for evidence of the stolen SUX
  • Confront Ben
  • Investigate Scott’s locker
  • Find Scott’s whereabouts
  • Eliminate threats
  • Locate the Chop Shop
  • Find the way in
  • Eliminate threats
  • Open the paint booth
  • Return to the streets

The Discount Dealer

Location: Broadstreet Avenue. Squad car next to a pawn shop.
Reward: 50 EXP

Officer Kowalsky needs help catching a dealer who knows the locations of other dealers’ stash houses. Taking this dealer into custody will allow police to confiscate Nuke from around the neighborhood. Contact the dealer by phone to find out his whereabouts to arrest him.

  • Talk to Officer Kowalsky
  • Find a working phone booth
  • Go to Maurice’s apartment
  • Follow the shoe prints
  • Eliminate threats

Time to Repent

Location: Apartment building. Towbridge Street.
Reward: 50 EXP

Pickles, an informant for the missing Officer Briggs, feels remorse over the theft of the officer’s wristwatch. He wants to return the item to Briggs’ wife but is reluctant to face her alone. Accompany Pickles to Officer Briggs’ apartment and support him as he makes amends. This could be an opportunity to learn more about Briggs’ disappearance.

  • Go to Briggs’ apartment
  • Go to the basketball court
  • Follow the chalk trail
  • Make a way
  • Investigate the shooting

Police Station Part 2

Get Well, Lewis

Location: Hallway before going to Sgt. Reed’s office
Reward: 50 EXP

Help Officer Chessman collect signatures on the get-well card for Officer Lewis.

  • Talk to Officer Chessman
  • Find Officer Kowalsky
  • Get Officer Kurtz’s signature
  • Find Kurtz’s yellow towel
  • Give Officer Kurtz his towel
  • Get Officer O’Neal’s signature
  • Test O’Neal’s service weapon (get at least 15 points)
  • Get Sgt. Reed’s signature

Server Malfunction

Location: Record’s Room
Reward: 50 EXP

Help Officer Cecil with server malfunction.

  • Talk to Officer Cecil
  • Find server malfunction

Steel Mill

Unwanted Goods

Location: Tunnel Northeast of the map
Reward: 50 EXP

Destroy drug supply

  • Destroy the drug stash

Biker’s Secrets

Location: Destroyed building West side of the quarry
Reward: 50 EXP

Collect incriminating documents

  • Collect the documents

Hostage Rescue

Location: Tunnels
Reward: 50 EXP

Rescue the Torch Heads gang member imprisoned by the Street Vultures

  • Rescue the hostage

Police Station Part 3

Target Practice

Location: In front of the station’s jail
Reward: 50 EXP

Conduct a shooting lesson with Officer Washington

  • Go to the Shooting Range
  • Score at least 15 points
  • Activate the range
  • Score at least 15 points
  • Talk to Ulysses Washington

In Memory of Officer Briggs

Location: In front of the Briefing Room
Reward: 50 EXP

Help Officer Cecil hang the picture of the fallen Officer Briggs on the memorial wall.

  • Talk to Officer Cecil
  • Print Officer Brigg’s photo
  • Take the photo from the printer
  • Hang Brigg’s photo on the wall
  • Empty Brigg’s locker
  • Place belongings in the box

Police Station Part 4

Lights Out

Location: Locker room
Reward: 50 EXP

Restore the power in the precinct’s locker room

  • Talk to Officer O’Neal
  • Investigate the high-voltage box
  • Follow the cables
  • Investigate the fuse box

Domestic Terrorist

Location: Police parking lot (after briefing)
Reward: 50 EXP

Max Becker claims that the person responsible for domestic terrorism and corporate espionage gathered sensitive data. Investigate the suspect’s apartment and see what can be found there.

  • Go to the suspicious apartment
  • Investigate apartment 12
  • Investigate apartment 12
  • Answer the phone
  • Go to the storage facility
  • Find Samantha Ortiz’s storage
  • Eliminate threats
  • Investigate the unit
  • Take Samantha’s belongings
  • Return to the streets
  • Call Samantha Ortiz
  • Deliver the box to Ronny’s
  • Leave Ronny’s store
  • Optional – Check the box

Downtown Part 2

Field Training

Location: Basketball court between Towbridge Street and Linwood Street
Reward: 50 EXP

Officer Washington was called for his first-ever field training, but the call turned out to be a mean joke. Conduct field training for Officer Washington to boost his confidence as a police officer.

  • Talk to Ulysses Washington
  • Enter the building
  • Investigate the basement
  • Investigate the spillage
  • Follow the paw trail
  • Investigate the area
  • Bang on the piano
  • Talk to Ulysses Washington
  • Open the door
  • Investigate the noises
  • Investigate the victim
  • Reunite with Ulysses
  • Return to the streets

Be Kind Rewind

Location: Downtown Movie theater
Reward: 50 EXP

Pickles wants to find a particular movie in the video store, but he needs help remembering the title. Assist him in his search. This could be an opportunity to set him on a path to reform.

  • Enter the Video Store
  • Investigate Drama & Thriller tapes
  • Investigate Action & Sci-Fi tapes
  • Eliminate threats
  • Find Pickles
  • Question Video Store Clerk
  • Find Pickles’ address
  • Return to the streets
  • Find Pickles

Attack on the Courthouse

Location: Courthouse on Linwood Street
Reward: 50 EXP

Repeat offenders have attacked the Court House to avoid future sentencing. They also took hostages. Eliminate the threat and save the civilians.

  • Talk to Officer Kowalsky
  • Enter the Courthouse
  • Find and rescue all hostages
  • Find the access card
  • Find and rescue all hostages
  • Return to the streets

OCP Correctional Facility

Illegal Broadcast

Location: OCP Correctional Facility
Reward: 50 EXP

The prisoners have taken over the prison radio station and with their broadcasting, are now inciting rioters to be more violent. Silence them.

  • Regain control of the radio room
  • Silence the broadcast

Armory Break-In

Location: OCP Correctional Facility
Reward: 50 EXP

Prisoners broke into the prison armory and handed out weapons to the rioters. Stop them.

  • Regain control of the armory

Police Station Part 5

Fishy Situation

Location: Police station front desk
Reward: 50 EXP

Lawrence, a fish store owner from Old Detroit, complains that his crime reports are being ignored. Officer Washington seems to be responsible for the situation. Talk to him and find out what he knows about the case.

  • Talk to Officer Estevez
  • Go to the Dispatch Room
  • Investigate the disturbance
  • Investigate the switchboard
  • Follow the cables
  • Report back to Ulysses Washington
  • Support Ulysses Washington
  • Enter the fish store
  • Eliminate threats
  • Rescue Lawrence
  • Return to the streets

Downtown Part 3

Who Killed Simon Page?

Location: Broadstreet Avenue in front of the Ghost House
Reward: 50 EXP

Officers Kurtz and O’Neal need help with the homicide investigation. The victim is Simon Page, campaign manager from John Mills’ office. Find clues to identify the perpetrator and then gather evidence to arrest the person responsible for the murder.

  • Investigate the car
  • Deactivate or discharge MagnaVolt
  • Investigate the car’s interior
  • Go to Simon Page’s office
  • Investigate Simon Page’s office
  • Go to Gloria Lindberg’s apartment building
  • Investigate Gloria’s apartment
  • Return to Simon’s office
  • Find Agatha Crane
  • Dind the code or hack the locking device
  • Enter the panic room
  • Return to the streets

OCP Headquarters

Samantha’s Investigation

Location: OCP Headquarters lobby
Reward: 50 EXP

Samantha Ortiz was caught snooping around looking for data to protect the residents of Old Detroit from a scam prepared by OCP. She believes OCP intends to deprive thousands of people of their homes without compensation to make space for Delta City. The security guard who caught her needs your help fixing a security breach. This may be an opportunity to get the data Samantha is looking for.

  • Talk to the OCP Guard
  • Go to the server room
  • Scan the lock
  • Breach the door
  • Examine the computer
  • Distract the OCP Guard
  • Examine the computer
  • Return to Samantha Ortiz
  • Gain access to the security room
  • Shuffle the data
  • Return to Samantha Ortiz

Downtown Part 4

Shooting at the Arcade

Location: Arcade
Reward: 50 EXP

The New Arcade owner reported a group of thugs attacked the place. Head to the Arcade and protect the owner.

  • Enter Arcade Saloon
  • Defeat all enemies and save the new arcade owner
  • Return to the streets

Shooting at the Video Rental

Location: Broadstreet Avenue
Reward: 50 EXP

The Video Store owner has reported a shooting at his store. Protect him from thugs.

  • Enter the Video Store
  • Elinminate all enemies
  • Talk to Video Store clerk
  • Return to the streets

And that’s all I’ve got for this RoboCop Rogue City Side Quest guide. There really isn’t much to the quests themselves. At the very least RoboCop is doing his duty to protect and serve and not just obsess about hunting down Wendell Antonowsky.

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