Rock Roses Location – Monster Hunter Rise

Collect Rock Roses for the Economic Stimulus request from Rodine in Monster Hunter Rise.

MH Rise - Rock Roses - feature

Rock Roses are an item required to unlock the second Argosy update in Monster Hunter Rise. Fortunately, this item is very easy to find and it will take one walkthrough to get it for the Argosy Quest. This guide for Monster Hunter Rise will teach where to get Rock Rose in Monster Hunter Rise, so read on and enjoy.

Rock Roses Map Locations in Monster Hunter Rise

Rock Roses can be found in several locations in the Sandy Plains in Monster Hunter Rise. To find Rock Roses in the game, players will need to travel to specific locations as indicated on the map above. Be sure to equip Geologist Lv. 2 from the Leather Armor Set or the Guild Cross Armor Set in order to get more Rock Roses. To make things easier for the players, use the Palamute and its Sniff ’em Out! ability.

Tips for finding Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise

  • Keep an eye out for Rock Roses when exploring new areas. Rock Roses can be found in various places, including on the ground and on bushes.
  • Use your map to help you find Rock Roses. The map will show you the locations of all the items that you’ve found in an area, including Rock Roses.
  • Check back in areas that you’ve already explored. Rock Roses will grow back in areas that you’ve previously harvested them from, so be sure to check back often.

What Are Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise Rock Roses are fragile ores that resemble a rose so players should be careful in gathering them. They are worth 65G and are a 4-star rarity that is required to clear the Argosy quest known as the Economic Stimulus.

How to unlock and Complete the Economic Stimulus Request

In order to unlock the Economic Stimulus quest, you must complete the 3-Star Village Urgent Quest after finishing the required 3-Star Key Quest. Rondine will give you the Economic Stimulation quest in the Buddy Plaza at The Argosy after you finish the 3-Star Village Urgent Quest.

To complete the Economic Stimulation quest, you need to collect 1 King Rhino, 3 Rock Roses, and 3 Bismuth Prisms.

And that’s our guide on where to find Rock Roses in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. If players love this guide, please check out our other Monster Hunter Rise-related articles.