Root of Nightmares Triumph Guide – How to Get Dream Warrior Destiny 2

Here's what we know about the Triumph for the Root of Nightmares Raid

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The Root of Nightmares is the latest Raid to be added to Destiny 2. It takes place in the Aftermath of the Traveler’s last stand against the Witness. The beam attack that was aimed at the Witness’ ship resulted in the near resurrection of the long-dead Disciple, Nezarec. The Raid itself is a refreshing piece of content to an otherwise lackluster launch. This is what you can expect if you’re going for the Triumphs.

In this Root of Nightmares guide, we’ll tell you what the Triumphs are for the raid and how you can earn them. Earning all 20 of them will reward you with the Dream Warrior Destiny 2 Title.

There are 20 Triumphs to earn before you can unlock Dream Warrior with 9 Challenges to tackle:

Root of Nightmares Triumphs List

  • Raid: Root of Nightmares: Trophies from the “Root of Nightmares” raid
  • Root of Nightmares: Complete any version of the “Root of NIghtmares” raid
  • Master Difficulty “Root of Nightmares”: Complete the “Root of Nightmares” raid on Master difficulty
  • Collective Consciousness: Complete all encounters in “Root of Nightmares” with a full fireteam of clanmates
  • Classic Horror: Complete all encounters in “Root of Nightmares” with a fireteam made entirely of the same Guardian class
  • System Shock: Complete all encounters in “Root of Nightmares” with a full fireteam of Arc subclasses
  • Infernal Pain: Complete all encounters in “Root of Nightmares” with a full fireteam of Solar subclasses
  • Harbingers of Nothingness: Complete all encounters in “Root of Nightmares” with a full fireteam of Void subclasses
  • Dream Weavers: Complete all encounters in “Root of Nightmares” with a full fireteam of Strand subclasses
  • Terraformed Secrets: Loot all hidden chests in the “Root of Nightmares” raid
  • “Root of Nightmares” Lore Book Unlocks: Unlock the “Root of Nightmares” lore book
Note: As far as we know, only 8 of the 10 lore books have been located. Players are currently figuring out the locations of the last 2 lore books.

Root of Nightmares Challenges

  • Illuminated Torment: Complete the “Illuminated Torment” challenge
  • Psionic Purge: In Catalclysm, defeat all Psions within 1 second of each other
  • Crossfire: Complete the “Crossfire” challenge
  • Shields Up: In Scission, do not defeat any attuned shield combatants on a floor until both node chains are complete on that same floor
  • Cosmic Equilibrium: Complete the “Cosmic Equilibrium” challenge
  • Singular Orbit: In Macrocosm, a player cannot gain Planetary Insight twice in the same Planetary Shift
  • All Hands: Complete the “All Hands” challenge
  • Synchronicity: During the final battle with Nezarec, activate both sets of nodes within 5 seconds of each other, for every activation, and complete the encounter
  • Final Nightmare: Complete all encounter challenges on Master difficulty

Challenge Tips

For the Psionic Purge Challenge in the first encounter. We noticed that teams would just call out their locations and they would just kill them instantly. One player is the runner doing all the mechanics while the others are on ad control and Tormentor killing. When everyone is in position, count down and kill the psions at once. Ignore them before then for obvious reasons.

The Shields Up Challenge in the second encounter is one of the easiest Challenges for the whole Raid. All you need to do is tank all incoming shots and resist the urge to not shoot anything until both node chains are complete. The one doing the mechanic is the most preferred one for this task.

For the whole team to do it, don’t touch any of the three shielded enemies until a floor is cleared. Once the runner has done their jobs, melt the remaining enemies on the floor.

The Singular Orbit Challenge is going to take some level of teamwork. Essentially you want 2 people to kill the Colossus on either side, top and bottom, and the rest of the team do the mechanics. You’re clear once you’ve dunked in the middle of the arena. What’s important here is that no player gets the buff two times in a row. If that happens, your team will lose the challenge.

Synchronicity takes place in the last encounter. it is pretty straightforward, all things considered. It just requires you to call out each round before a damage phase to shoot the nodes at nearly the same time. It’s as easy as that. If your team can one-phase Nezerac, then all the better.

And that’s all we have for the main challenges for each phase right now. Stay tuned for more details as the community refine techniques to get the Challenges and Triumphs done.

Check out this video from Youtuber Datto showing you everything you can expect in the Root of Nightmares Raid.

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