SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays Expansion Pack Now Available On PC

SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays

Game publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. just announced the official release of the latest expansion pack for video game SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays.

The latest expansion pack will include higher difficulty challenges, new stage and additional units, characters, quests and group dispatch missions. It is now available for purchase for only $7.99. The free update version 1.60 is also available for download today.

The brand-new expansion pack comprises of the following contents:

  • A new “INFERNO” difficulty mode as well as new modifications and character abilities
  • Five new expansion stages
  • “G Generation” series original units Halphas Gundam, Halphas Böse, Halphas Böse Halberd and Master Phoenix
  • “G-generation” series original characters Aplodia, Code Amelias, Amelias, Code Phoenix
  • A new quest and group dispatch mission

Update version 1.60 increases the level cap to further strengthen units and characters along with new character appearances and voices being added to the My Character feature. It also makes some improvements to the game like greater search functionality and background music customization.

SD GUNDAM G GENERATION CROSS RAYS bridges four iconic eras within the MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM universe, spanning MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM WING, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00, and MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS, all culminating to deliver the ultimate tactical RPG experience. Leveraging the series’ unique “Development,” “Design” and “Capture” mechanics, tacticians will battle for the principles of hope, freedom, reformation and instinct as they pave the way for a new era of Gundam. The game is available now on STEAM® for PC.

Source: Press Release