Sea of Thieves Lost Sands – 4th Limited-Time Adventure Out Now

The fate of Oolden Sands Outpost hangs in the balance

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Rare has announced today that their fourth time-limited adventure, Sea of Thieves Lost Sands, has set sail with the “fate of Golden Sands Outpost hanging in the balance”. This adventure features multiple paths, with the choice to either help reconstruct the Outpost or doom it to an eternity in the ethereal mist.

The side with the most support at the end of the Adventure will determine the future of Golden Sands in Sea of Thieves, so weigh your options carefully! Do you want the Outpost restored to its previous prominence, or would you rather leave it in ruins as a tactical play or a testament to Captain Flameheart’s power?

As with previous Adventures, players have given a glimpse of the current state of play in the cinematic opening trailer.

About Sea of Thieves Lost Sands

Following the thrilling conclusion tot h eh ‘The Shrouded Deep’, Merrick found his lust for excitement and adventure rekindled, and has now set his sights on rebuilding Golden Sands Outpost – which was left abandoned at the beginning of the very first Adventure, “Shrouded Islands’. But even as Merrick tries to rally the island’s inhabitants, a shadowy threat lies in wait. The Servant of the Flame is determined that the Outpost should remain in ruins, and gathers his forces to plot sabotage.

Will you be swayed by Merrick’s fervor and take Hunter’s Path, helping him track down key supplies to restore Golden Sands to its former trading glory? Or will you slip onto the Servant’s Path, using Soulflame Rowboats to smuggle Relic Caches to the Reapers, scheming to keep the island shrouded?

The future of Golden Sands can even be influenced when not directly taking part in the Adventure. Anyone can contribute to the reconstruction by delivering useful supplies to Merrick, disrupting those supply lines to support the Servant of the Flame. Every little action could swing the balance until this Adventure concludes on June 9th, 2022.

Now it’s time to act, pirates, – pick a side and help decide Golden Sands’ destiny in ‘Lost Sands’. Don’t forget to use the #SaveGoldenSands or #RuinGoldenSands tag to state your allegiance on your social channel of choice. You’ve got until June 9th to help change the course of Sea of Thieves history.

For more information, check out the official Sea of Thieves website.

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