Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley Guide

Sea of Thieves Marauder's Medley challenges & rewards.

Sea of Thieves Marauder's Medley featured

Celebrating their 5th anniversary of Sea of Thieves, Rare has started a limited time event called the Marauder’s Medley. This event gives you a series of five challenges each with a span of only 48 hours to complete before they’re gone for good. Learn what challenges are in store for you during this event, how to complete them, and their rewards.

Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley Challenges

The Marauder’s Medley even for Sea of Thieves has five challenges:

  • Cursed Sails, Resurfaced (March 6 to March 8)
  • Hunter’s Call, Rehooked (March 8 to March 10)
  • Tall Tales, Retold (March 10 to March 12)
  • Sunken Kingdom, Revisited (March 12 to March 14)
  • Sea Forts, Reclaimed (March 14 to March 16)

Each challenge will only be available on their respective dates. You’ll have to act fast before the 48 hour time limit for each challenge has passed. So grab your crew and get to fulfilling the challenges.

The Marauder’s Medley challenges in Sea of Thieves won’t ask for anything too hard. You’ll have from March 6 10:00 AM UTC to March 16 10:00 AM UTC to take part which is about 10 days. Each challenge has 3 things you need to do to fulfill the requirements.

Cursed Sails, Resurfaced

Cursed Sails, Resurfaced

Here’s what you need to complete for this challenge:

  • Sharp Shooter: Hit a skeleton ship three times with cannon balls.
  • Skelly Scuttler: Sink any skeleton ship.
  • Skelly Scourge: Sink three skeleton ships of any type.

Prepare for battle! The Cursed Sail, Resurfaced challenge requires you to take the fight to the undead roaming the seas. It shouldn’t be too hard to complete any of these challenges and you’ll most likely earn them as you fight any Skeleton Fleet.

The hard part is looking for Skeleton Fleet to fight skeleton ships in the first place. Easiest way to do this would be to join a new session and look at the map to see if any Skeleton Fleet world event are taking place. If not, join another session which will transfer you to a different server.

Tall Tales, Retold

Tall Tales, Retold

Here’s what you need to complete for this challenge:

  • Bookmarked: Reach a Checkpoint from any Tall Tale.
  • The Final Chapter: Finish any Tall Tale.
  • The Write Stuff: Find three journals on any Tall Tale.

Tall Tales are one of the most welcomed addition into Sea of Thieves. Marauder’s Medley has you going through at least one of them. It’s easy to finish Bookmarked and The Final Chapter all in one go but keep an eye out for The Write Stuff.

If you’re pressed for time or have already gone through the Tall Tales in Sea of Thieves, then take the Fate of the Morningstar. This is the quickest Tall Tale to finish in the game.

Sunken Kingdom, Resurfaced

Sunken Kingdom, Resurfaced

Here’s what you need to complete for this challenge:

  • Deep Lore: Go to any Treasury or Siren Shrine.
  • Aquatic Aggressors: Defeat at least 10 Sirens or Ocean Crawlers.
  • Sunken Swag: Sell any 5 pieces of Coral treasure.

The wonders of the deep are something to disturb. In order to compete this challenge, you’ll have to take out some Sirens or Ocean Crawlers, sell Coral loot, and just visit any Siren Shrine or Treasury. Not such a hard thing to do.

You can complete all three challenges by clearing a single Siren Shrine and then handing the over the loot to a merchant. You can find a Siren Shrine at D-3 on your map which is a pretty good location to go to without being bothered.

Sea Forts, Reclaimed

Sea Forts, Reclaimed

Here’s what you need to complete for this challenge:

  • A Hostile Reception: Go to any Sea Fort.
  • Who’s In Charge Here?: Defeat a Ghost Captain in any Sea Fort and get the treasure key.
  • Sea Fort Spoils: Open 3 of any Sea Fort Treasuries.

This will take multiple Sea Forts to complete as Sea For Spoils requires three Treasuries to open. However A Hostile Reception and Who’s In Charge Here? can be done in one sitting. Any Sea Fort should count to your progress.

If you’re looking to complete this as fast as possible, then head to the southwest of the map where you’ll find Lost Gold Fortress and Old Brinestone which are near to each other. Clear out one of them then head to the other. By the time you’re done, the first Sea Fort you cleared out should’ve already respawned its enemies.

Sea of Thieves Marauder's Medley Rewards

Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley Rewards

  • Fabulous Five Eyepatch: Complete one Challenge.
  • Golden Sailor Wheel: Complete two Challenges.
  • Prosperous Captain’s Sails: Complete three Challenges.
  • Marks the Spot Eye of Reach: Complete four Challenges.
  • Golden Sailor Cannons: Complete all five of Marauder’s Medley Challenges.

The Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley will reward you based on how many challenges you have completed. There are five rewards to be gained from the entire event.

For those who are experiencing problems receiving their rewards despite participating in the event, you can go to the Sea of Thieves support site so that Rare’s team can look at the issue.

That’s everything about the Sea of Thieves Marauder’s Medley. Best to hop on your ship with your crew and take part before the unique rewards are all gone.

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