Silent Hill Composer Probably Hinting on New Project “Everyone is Waiting For”

The popular Silent Hill Composer Akira Yamaoka recently shared a little tease to fans in an interview on might could have been a hint of what “everyone is waiting for.”

While Yamaoka did not specifically state what kind of project he is working on, he did reveal that this new project will “probably” be announced sometime in Summer 2021. This seemed suspect during his interview on the YouTube channel AI Hub, and it will not be surprising that this is related to Silent Hill.

Yamaoka also teased that this announcement will be the one thing that people might be looking forward to. Here is how he said it: “I think it’s the one you’re hoping to hear about.”

While the fans are hoping that this is Silent Hill, some are thinking it is another game with the same horror-theme to it. It might not be the franchise, but it could have the same psychological and supernatural horror feel.

The interview footage mentioned has become private so we can only give you the link here.

Thanks Siliconera!