Skyrim Anniversary Edition Released Again on Another Platform

Yet another platform. Yay?

It seems Skyrim Anniversary Edition is getting another platform to play on.

It was recently confirmed that Skyrim Anniversary Edition is now available to purchase on the Epic Games Store. This popular game that launched way back in 2011 is yet getting another platform for its latest addition, just like its original. It seems this game has the most re-releases of all time with GTA V probably a close second.

Just recently, the game was released on the Nintendo Switch. Note that the original version was released a while ago, but it was just recently that the Anniversary Edition got released on the Switch. This edition is the better version as it includes all of the DLCs for the game like Hearthfire, Dawnguard, and Dragonborn.

Like what was announced for the Switch version, players who already have Skyrim can get the Anniversary Edition Upgrade. Players who have the Special Edition can get the free Saints and Seducers, Rare Curious, Fishing, and Survival Mode update.