SM City Cebu Cosplay Carnival 4th Placer: Mettaton – Interview

SM City Cebu Cosplay Carnival wrapped up with a great exit! The cosplay competition was so intense in which there were a lot of scores tied, and the judges had to re-evaluate the scores to get the best winners for the contest.

Now, we got the chance to speak with one of the Top 5 placers of the Cosplay Carnival contest. It was a surprise that a character like Mettaton from Undertale appeared on-stage. With a simple yet decent get-up from Cheyenne Adamson, she placed 4th in the competition.

One of our writers, Jarren, conducted the interview with Chey:

Jarren Navarrete: Hello! I’m with Sirus Gaming. I would like to interview one of the winners from the competition here at the Cosplay Carnival event. You’re cosplaying as Chara from Undertale?

Cheyenne Adamson: Actually I’m Mettaton!

I’ve actually played Undertale but I’m not familiar with the characters because I haven’t finished it yet. [a kid approached] Oh hello?

Kid: What’s the switch in the middle?

Chey: Please don’t switch my button.

Oh, friend of yours?

Chey: Oh, he’s just my little human friend.

How does it feel to win with your Undertale cosplay?

Chey: I didn’t expect that I would win. Because all the other competitors were cosplaying anime characters, and there were no other classic characters – that’s why I will always be the “classic” in cosplay events.

Out of all the characters, Mettaton from Undertale was the one you chose, why?

Chey: Undertale needs to have a new game. That’s why they created it to let the kids have fun with the new games. Especially with new characters, like Papyrus, Sans, and my lover, the sheep girl… oh, I didn’t memorize their names. I’m famous among these movie stars. [laughs]

Have you actually beaten Undertale? It actually pretty hard for me.

Chey: Actually, I did. And also other indie games!

By the way, who am I speaking with? The cosplayer?

Chey: Who do you want? The real girl or the Metatton? [laughs]

The real person behind the cosplay.

Chey: [changes voice] Okay, fine! [laughs] Yes, I’m the real one here.

A flick of a switch, huh?

Chey: Oh yes, because I have my two personalities with me today.

I would like to take the moment to talk with the cosplayer, the girl I mean. What’s your real name?

Chey: My name is Cheyenne Adamson, but you can call me Chey for short.

Alright, Chey! Definitely not shy in nature, I’ll give you that.

Chey: I have never been shy whenever I do cosplay!

[laughs] I can see why! What are you planning to cosplay in the next event? Like let’s say ARCHCon?

Chey: Well, I was thinking to cosplay other game characters or DC characters.

A DC character? Do you mind expanding that a little bit more?

Chey: I’m thinking of doing Poison Ivy – New 52.

Thank you so much for this interview. I hope to see you again at ARCHCon. Are you planning to participate?

Chey: I hope I will pass my big test first before I decide to join ARCHCon. School is really important first!

That’s a good message for the kids! We hope to see you again!

Chey: Bye!

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