Sniper Elite 5 PS5 DualSense Controller Features Explained

Sniper Elite 5 - PS5 DualSense Controller Unique Features

Sniper Elite 5’s PS5 DualSense Controller Features will let players experience a more immersive gunplay session than ever before.

During a recent interview with Sniper Elite 5’s developer, Rebellion, for GamesRadar, Designer Jonathan Woodward gave an in-depth explanation of the game’s DualSense controller features on that occasion.

The PS5 controller’s advanced haptics tech, as previously mentioned, ensures that each weapon feels different in the hands of gamers. What he’s implying is that each sniper rifle model is unique, and each pistol or machine gun is also unique in how it performs.

Sniper Elite 5 - PS5 DualSense Controller Unique Features 1

When using the Adaptive Triggers, the player can display different weapon triggers in a unique way. There are two ways to switch between both the over-the-shoulder and through-the-scope perspectives when aiming: by using L2 trigger button with varying levels of pressure.

Woodward also discussed how they used the DualSense on the PS5 to make even reloading feel different and unique. “Active Reload” is what they’re calling it, and it will allow gamers to “feel” the reload window. Reloading faster can be an advantage in combat if you press down at the right time, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Sniper Elite 5 appears to have found creative ways to leverage the DualSense’s triggers and haptic feedback, which have been used in other games. You’ll begun to understand in the implementation when it becomes available on May 26th, 2022.

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