Solar Ash All Endings – How to Unlock

Solar Ash All Endings

The narrative of Solar Ash may be linear but you do get multiple endings depending on your choice.

The journey may be the same for all but the destination is ultimately up to you. And the endings in Solar Ash can be affected by your action in the game. We have outlined on this guide how you can get all endings in Solar Ash.

Solar Ash doesn’t really have a karma meter hidden away somewhere you can’t see. Despite how intricate the narrative may be, it all really depends down on one choice you make down the line.

Solar Ash All Endings

Solar Ash has two endings. A good ending where you end the cycle. And a bad ending where you continue the cycle. How to get each one may not be so clear cut.

Both two endings are entirely up to a decision you make in the finale of Solar Ash. There’s no hidden requirements and you’re free to make the choice as you see fit. There is no secret ending.

Be warned, there will be spoilers ahead since we are talking about the ending of the game. We hope you’re ready. Here’s how you get both endings.

Solar Ash All Endings

Once you’ve defeated the last boss of Solar Flare the game will transport you to a location where you meet Echo. To spoil who Echo is, she is the main character’s soul who was ripped apart from her body. Echo constantly goes through spiritual and emotional torture as she relives the same thing over again.

Echo and Rei were once the same. But as she used the Starseed in an attempt to save her dying planet, they were instead split into two beings.

It’s here where you’ll make the choice that will decide if you get the good or bad ending.

Destroy The Starseed – Good Ending

By choosing to destroy the Starseed this is the closet Solar Ash has to a good ending. Rei will no longer repeat the same mistake in the past and will put an end to the cycle of torment. Echo will be shocked as the cycle has broken, wondering what makes this cycle so different than the rest.

Instead of the Starseed being completely destroyed, the energy feedback results in Rei being distorted into a Remnant. This however frees Echo from her prison and is given a spiritual body.

Solar Ash All Endings

Unlike the bad ending where the game ends abruptly, you get to control Echo in the final moments of Solar Ash. As Echo, you will be fighting Rei’s Remnant form, constantly platforming on the beams and girders sticking out of her.

This Remnant fight won’t be the most difficult you’ve ever faced. But the emotional impact of this ending might carry some weight that will slow you down. The only real way to fail this encounter is if you had tried to do so.

Continue the Cycle – Bad Ending

If you went ahead and activated the Starseed, you’ll get the bad ending of Solar Ash. Unlike the good ending, there’s no fight here. Rei turns into a Remnant and Echo fades away.

A new Rei is born at the game’s starting location. This Rei has her armor broken and has no memories. Once again, the cycle has started anew.

Solar Ash All Endings

And there you go, those are all the endings you can get in Solar Ash. Their relatively easy to get, but you might have to repeat the game frequently if you want the platinum achievement.

Does Solar Ash Have a New Game Plus?

Solar Ash will not offer a New Game Plus feature after completing the ending. Due to the game’s narrative this may be because Rei is forced to start with broken armor and no memories.

One of the game’s requirements for a trophy is to have a 100% save file. So we recommend that you use another save slot for a new game.

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