Solar Ash – How to Upgrade Health Guide

Solar Ash How to Upgrade Health

Solar Ash may not center much around its combat but you’ll still need to upgrade Rei’s health if you don’t want to get hit only twice before being sent back to a check point. Thankfully there’s a way to upgrade how durable Rei can be in the game. Here is our guide for upgrading Rei’s health in Solar Ash.

Solar Ash How to Upgrade Health

Upgrading Rei’s health comes with critical benefits. You’ll have easier times clearing anomalies and beating Remnants. From the very beginning of the game, she starts out in broken armor. This makes her only two hits away from death. If you don’t want to keep going back to a checkpoint, then upgrading your health is for the best.

Thankfully you’re able to upgrade your health plenty in Solar Ash. Here’s how you do it.

How to Upgrade Health

Solar Ash How to Upgrade Health

In order to upgrade Rei’s health in Solar Ash, you need to talk to Cyd who will always be on one of the game’s numerous checkpoints. As you can tell, you won’t be able to just maximize your health without any costs.

Your first health upgrade is practically on the house. Cyd won’t let Rei leave the checkpoint without upgrading anything. You’ll automatically receive 500 plasma to get this health upgrade.

Each Health Upgrade Costs 1000 Plasma More Than The Last

Solar Ash How to Upgrade Health

You should start by collecting Plasma all over. Each health upgrade can be costly as it will take you back. The first real health upgrade, baring the 500 plasma before, will set you back 1000 plasma.

  • First Health Upgrade – 1000 Plasma
  • Second Health Upgrade – 2000 Plasma
  • Third Health Upgrade 3000 Plasma

There’s only three health upgrades before you reach maximum health. Though don’t think you’ll be tough as nails, there’s a catch to these health upgrades.

Health Upgrades Aren’t Permanent

Solar Ash How to Upgrade Health

There’s a catch to upgrading your health. Every time you beat a boss, Echo makes things more difficult for you by smashing Rei. This reduces her health by one which is why that first upgrade was practically on the house.

The good news is that the plasma costs for health upgrades are locked in. Meaning that you won’t have to keep paying much. It can be relatively simple to farm plasma and get to max health rather quickly. You should make sure you do this every before boss fight.

And now you know how to upgrade your health in Solar Ash. For more on this game, be sure to check out our other articles.