Sonic Frontiers Rumored Getting First DLC Wave Sooner

First wave DLC might be releasing earlier than expected.

A new rumor claims that Sonic Frontiers will be getting its first DLC wave soon.

Some fans discovered changes on the Xbox Store and SteamDB pages from earlier this week. The changes included blank spots for downloading add-ons for the game. This has now hyped up the fans and is expecting to see updates about the DLCs soon.

The DLC roadmap was announced way back in December 2022, which revealed the upcoming post-launch content for this year. It revealed to include three waves of updates, each adding new content every wave that can keep the game interesting for a longer time. The first update will add some new features like the jukebox music player, photo mode, and a new challenge mode. Based on the new rumor, it seems it is now coming soon rather than later.

According to one fan, the SteamDB page for Sonic Frontiers had some details changed on March 2, 2023 while another fan found out that the Xbox Store also updated. On the Xbox dashboard, it showed three blank spots in the DLC section of the game.

Aside from Sonic Frontiers, another Sonic game got updated on SteamDB. It was Sonic Origins and it seems to have confirmed the upcoming rumored Sonic Origins Plus. If this was updated, it could mean that more Sonic titles might get some sort of update too. This led to fans speculating that SEGA might host a new Sonic Central soon which could reveal new details of Sonic games and its new updates.

SEGA has not shared any statements to confirm or deny these claims.

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Sonic Frontiers is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.