Sonic Origins Team Listens to Fans Complaints and Fixing Issues

Fixes are on the way.

SEGA has now assured fans that the bug-riddled Sonic Origins will have improvement soon.

A new statement from the game company was posted on Twitter recently in regards to the bugs that have unfortunately appeared on the game on day one. The community manager said that the team behind the development will do something about it and they have heard the cries of the fans.

“Hey! Thanks for the patience!” Sega wrote. “The team’s been listening and is working on fixing a variety of issues right now. We’ll make sure to get some more official messaging out once we have more info for everyone.”

After the lukewarm response from the fans when the game launched last month, it seems SEGA is now making amends as quickly as possible before it gets torn to threads. There was just so many bugs that many players wanted to try out other games instead.

Headcannon accused SEGA for introducing more bugs to the game, which they claim were not there when they developed the game. They were the ones to handle the development at first then SEGA continued development afterwards.

Aside from bugs, many fans were complaining of its very high price. It just did not make it worth it after playing the game.

Sonic Origins is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.