Sons of the Forest Armors

How to get every armor in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest armor featured

To increase your survivability, you should get to know the Sons of the Forest Armor, which will save your life in dangerous encounters. There are a few pieces of armor around the island that you can find or craft for yourself and which you’ll find useful when exploring some of the more dangerous areas. Here’s how you get every armor in Sons of the Forest.

All 7 Armors in Sons of the Forest

Here are all the armor you can get in Sons of the Forest:

  • Leaf Armor
  • Hide Armor
  • Bone Armor
  • Creepy Armor
  • Winter Jacket
  • Tech Armor
  • Golden Armor

Each armor is different and provides specific benefits. The Winter Jacket, for example, isn’t really armor in defensive terms but it does protect you from the cold which can happen a lot when winter comes. Other armor provide better protection than it but will degrade over time except for the Golden Armor which is its unique trait.

Most armor require specific materials to be crafted. You’ll find them as you play around the island in Sons of the Forest, but it never hurts to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Leaf Armor

Leaf Armor can be crafted by gathering leaves and cloth.

Leaf Armor Materials

  • x1 Cloth
  • x10 Leaves

This armor doesn’t offer much protection but it’s better than nothing. It has a pretty good benefit of not needing hard to find materials. Since there are a lot of leaves around the island this is most likely the first armor you’ll ever make.

Hide Armor

Hide Armor can be crafted by hunting animals and skinning them.

Hide Armor Materials

  • x1 Cloth
  • x1 Hide

This armor offers decent protection as well as give you some bonuses when sneaking around. It’s a pretty easy armor to acquire early in the game when you still don’t have access to most of the game’s equipment.

Bone Armor

Bone Armor can be crafted using bones, rope, and some duct tape.

Bone Armor Materials

  • x4 Bone
  • x1 Rope
  • x1 Duct Tape

This armor is great for midgame once you really start to explore the island. It offers better protection than hide and its materials are relatively easy to get. Bones can be acquired from the cannibals as they often wield it as weapons. Rope can be found around the island which respawns. Duct tapes are usually found inside yellow crates.

Creepy Armor

Creepy Armor can be gotten by skinning creepy mutants, such as the Fingers. Special enemy types can often be found inside caves where you won’t have any trouble looking for the skin you need.

This armor offers decent protection and can be acquired without crafting. Be ready for a fight because those mutants aren’t just going to hand over their skins for you to wear.

How to get Tech Armor in Sons of the Forest?

Tech Armor has to be crafted using a 3D printer. You’ll need a Tech Mesh, Wire, Circuit Board, Duct Tape, and Batteries.

Tech Armor Materials

  • x1 Tech Mesh
  • x1 Wire
  • x1 Circuit Board
  • x1 Duct Tape
  • x1 Batteries

To make anything with the 3D printer, you’ll need printer resin and Tech armor is no different. With all the materials included, it will cost your 2,500 printer resin which includes the Tech Mesh costing 250 printer resin to fully craft this armor. That’s a lot of printer resin so you’ll have to scavenge for some by exploring desk drawers, cabinets, and etc.

How to get Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest?

The Golden Armor can be looted from the facility southeast of the island. You’ll need a Maintenance Keycard to get inside to get all the loot.

The armor itself can be found on the Level 2 inside one of the last rooms. It’s sitting just on the couch for you to pick up. This is where you’ll find the katana as well if you want a weapon to go with the armor.

Tech vs Golden Armor: What’s the Difference?

Besides how you get them, Tech vs Golden Armor are very different from each other. The Tech Armor offers superior protection but the Golden Armor never degrades in durability. It’s also necessary to acquire the Golden Armor in order to get the Sons of the Forest True Ending.

Tech armor is probably the best Sons of the Forest armor due to how its high protection. However it can be pretty hard to get due to the cost in printer resin.

That’s all of the Sons of the Forest armor in the game. We hope you found this guide to be useful.

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