How to Get Zipline Ropes in Sons of the Forest

Where to get zipline ropes in Sons of the Forest?

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With how large the island is, looking for a way to travel fast is crucial, which is where the Sons of the Forest zipline comes in. After finding the rope gun, you can set up ziplines around the area in order to make getting around faster. This saves you a lot of time from having to travel on foot and bypass some environmentally dangerous areas.

So how do you get zipline in Sons of the Forest? And can you farm this resource?

How do you get Zipline Ropes in Sons of the Forest?

You can get zipline ropes by crafting it using rope and arrows or by finding them in supply cases. It’s easier to find supply cases from abandoned camps where you’ll find other resources.

Much like arrows, zipline ropes can be retrieved once again upon use. Simply interact where they’re planted and you can reload them back into the rope gun. This is very useful for conserving zipline ropes that have been badly placed or are no longer needed.

The best way to get zipline ropes is to look for them on supply cases. You can craft them but considering that rope, which is rare material, is needed to make ziplines you’re better off crafting other items.

What are Zipline Ropes used for in Sons of the Forest?

You need the rope gun to use the zipline ropes in Sons of the Forest. This is the fastest way to travel around reliably without the clumsiness of the using the sled. To use ziplines, aim the rope gun at the place you want it to go to and fire then aim at another area to make a connection.

Ziplines will last for so long as you don’t pick them up to reuse. You can set up zipline networks around the island to get around faster. And the best part is that ziplines are independent of gravity so you can go up and down on it regardless of what angle they’re mounted. You can even send materials, such as logs, through them for quick transport.

It’s also a good idea to use ziplines as grappling hooks to reach other areas. Since you can pick them up after firing them which makes it easier to higher areas. There are a lot of ways to be creative with the Sons of the Forest zipline ropes.

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That’s everything about the Sons of the Forest zipline ropes. We hope this guide was informative.

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