Soul Hackers 2 Reveals More Character Details and New Battle System Detailed

New skills and details about Soul Hackers 2 revealed

New info about the characters and gameplay system was recently revealed by Atlus and fans will be excited by the new details revealed by ATLUS as the game will be released soon later in 2022.

Soul Hackers 2 New Characters:

Raven (VA: Kenji Hamada)

Former Yatagarasu member and a Devil Summoner. He used to be a top-notch summoner, but now he is retired and working in an orphanage. He is sociable & loves children Also he is caring and he always talks calmly plus the mentor of Arrow.
While pursuing a mystery, the team decides to visit Raven for advice.

Kaburagi (CV. Ryota Osaka)

Devil Summoner belonging to the Phantom Society. He is a bright young man with a strong sense of justice and companionship. Killing Arrow is his main mission. He was originally acquainted with Arrow and seems to have something to do with his murder.

New details about Arrow

  • Affiliation: Yatagarasu
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Hobbies: Watering Houseplants
  • Favorite food: Shoyu Ramen
  • What I laughed at recently: Natural’boke’s of apples
  • What I’m curious about: The time between Milledi
  • Birthday: February 22

Arrow’s COMP is a gun-type, and the normal attack is a shooting attribute attack. High aptitude for freezing skills. In addition, he is also good at supporting his friends because he has a high aptitude for auxiliary skills. The physical strength is particularly high, and depending on the growth, you will also learn the skills to become a shield for your friends.

Battle System New Details:

Exploiting the weakness of enemies

The basis of the battle is to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy. Enemy demons have various resistances, and you can take advantage of the battle by hitting weak points and dealing a lot of damage. Ringo’s COMP can be equipped with the demons who are on their side, and the skills of the demons can be used directly.

Stack the devil and attack the Sabbath and enemies troops in style!

Stack is an ability that is new in Soul Hackers 2. If you exploit the weaknesses of the enemy, you can summon a demon on the spot. demons wait on the spot until the end of the turn, and at the end of the turn, Sabbath opens a feast by the command of Ringo. Attack the enemy all at once. The greater the number of stacked demons, the stronger the attack. Up to 16 can be stacked.


Pursuit is a skill that demons can learn. When a new demon joins Sabbath, there is a chance that a chase will occur. There are various effects such as giving an abnormal condition to the enemy at the time of pursuit and recovering allies. All of them have advantageous skills, so let’s aggressively aim for pursuit.

Commander Skill

By modifying Ringo’s COMP, you will be able to use the commander skill. There are also special skills such as skills that have powerful effects that increase the power of Sabbath, change demons without consuming turns, and increase the number of actions. However, there are restrictions on the number of elapsed turns when using it, so be careful about the number of remaining turns and assemble your tactics, and use them when you need them.

Soul Hackers is set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (via Steam) on August 25th in Japan and August 26th worldwide. The game comes in both Physical and Digital Editions. Each with its own bonuses.

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