Splatoon 3: How To Earn More Clout

Earning Clout is a must in Splatoon 3 and here is why and how to get them

Splatoon 3 Guide: How To Earn More Clout

Competitive plays are one of the things that have been active in gaming for a while. In the Nintendo Switch, there are many competitive-type games that have been active for a while and one of these games is Splatoon 3.

Since the release of the game, fans are doing their best to build up their reputation as one of the best Splatoon players of 2022. With so many types of matches and battles, the competitive level of the gamers in Splatoon 3 has been endless. In this guide, we will give players a chance to be better at finding out how to earn more Clout in Splatoon 3.

What Is Clout?

Clout points are points in Splatoon 3 that players earn and win during Splatfest battles. It is also one of those factors that determine how the match’s outcome will be during the event.

Splatoon 3 Guide: How To Earn More Clout

How to earn more clout in Splatoon 3?

Clout points are mostly determined based on how much you and your teammates have covered the map in your designated paint color. Points will also increase by painting your enemies and dodging the paint they shoot at you.

Splatoon 3 Guide: How To Earn More Clout

Also, another tip to earn more Clout is by defeating an opponent’s team whose Splatfest power is higher than yours as well. At the end of the match, the points will be multiplied by a multiplier depending on the bonuses that you have.

Splatoon 3 Guide: How To Earn More Clout

In Battle Modes, there are two types of modes, Open and Pro. For those who have selected Open mode, the clout points will be given at a normal rate and will remain standstill without any increase. But if players have chosen Pro Mode, matches in them give you more Clout than any other game mode in Splatoon 3 that is if you win the matches.

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