Splinter Cell Open World Stealth Game Reportedly in the Works

Sam Fisher in an open world game!

A new rumor suggests that there is a new Splinter Cell open world stealth game in the works right now.

Reporter Tom Henderson recently shared an interesting detail about the allegedly upcoming title from the Splinter Cell franchise. The rumors about this mysterious game were already out last October 2021, but did not have any other details about except the franchise. Now, Henderson shared on his official Twitter account that it is an open world game.

With the rise of open world Tom Clancy games like Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it is no surprise that the allegedly upcoming Splinter Cell game will be the same as well. Henderson specifically stated that it is still in early development, which could mean it is still in that state and no big announcement will be happening anytime soon. It could be a bigger game than the previous Tom Clancy open world games, which makes sense of its long development time.

Aside from the open world feature, Henderson quoted some individuals which are allegedly close to the project saying it is a stealthier version of Assassin’s Creed and similar to how Halo Infinite did their open world game.

No other details were shared.