Star Wars Jedi Survivor Greez’s New Look: what happened to his arm?

Greez Dritus has a new cybernetic arm in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. What's up with that?

Greez's New Look Right Arm Star Wars Jedi Survivor

After the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor official story trailer dropped, players were shocked to see Greez’s new look, and we’re not talking about a new Latero fashion sense that awakened in him. Prior to the events of Survivor, it seems that the pilot and helmsman of the Mantis lost his right arm and had to get a robotic replacement for it. But what exactly happened to Greez’s arm?

What’s with Greez’s new look in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

The reason for Greez’s new look and his robotic right arm is because he lost it by saving Cal from the Fifth Brother. In the novel, as Cal is about to be killed, Greez jumps in the way and loses his arm clean from the elbow to protect him.

This act almost kills Greez, as taking a blow meant for Cal puts him in shock. He had to be treated for his cauterized wound from the lightsaber by using Bacta. Shortly afterwards, Greez replaced his lost limb with a cybernetic one so he could still operate as a pilot without being slowed down.

All of this was depicted in the canon novel Star Wars Jedi: Battle Scars, which takes place between The Fallen Order and Survivor. A lot happens during the five-year time skip of the two games. It may be worth giving it a read before hopping into Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

What's with Greez's new look in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Losing his arm isn’t the end of Greez Dritus’ role in Star Wars Jedi as Survivor’s trailer shows him in certain clips. Cal and Greez are clearly happy to see each other as they hug it out, and their bond has only gotten stronger since the events of Fallen Order. It may be possible that Greez will join Cal on his journey once more.

This time, Cal is stronger as a fully fledged Jedi Knight. With his five distinct lightsaber styles, he’s better able to protect his friends and be caught less off guard. However, he’s also dealing with tougher opponents as the Empire has only grown stronger in its ten-year reign over the galaxy. The question still looms as to whether all of the Mantis crew will survive.

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