Starfield: How to Romance Barrett – Get Married, Likes & Dislikes

Starfield Barrett companion

Barrett is one of the characters in Starfield who you can romance. As the one who found the Artifact at the start of the game, he’s the one who sets the plot in motion, but you can choose to go through the entire journey with him. Here’s a guide that will show you how to romance Barrett in Starfield.

How to Romance Barrett in Starfield?

You need to complete the Breach of Contract companion quest to romance Barrett in Starfield, which is only available after you’ve saved his life and reached a high level of friendship with him. After finishing the companion quest, you can choose to start a romantic relationship with Barrett.

At the start of the game, you’ll meet Barrett who’ll leave you with his ship. From that point on, continue with the main story missions until you’ve done The Empty Nest where the mission to rescue him becomes available. After you’ve saved his life, you can then recruit him as a companion aboard your ship.

Make sure to select Barrett as your active companion who will follow you around across the galaxy. You’ll have to raise his friendship by constantly performing actions and selecting dialogue that he likes. When your affinity with Barrett is high enough, he’ll talk to you about Erwin, his dead husband, who departed with a stain on his reputation. Barrett wants you help clearing his name which is the basis for the Breach of Contract quest.

Starfield Barrett romance

Completing the Breach of Contract quest will cost you credits. You’ll have to travel to Gagarin with Barrett in order to collect evidence and clear Erwin’s name. For the best outcome, take your time to collect all the evidence before going to testify.

Barrett Romance Likes & Dislikes in Starfield

Here is how Barrett will react to specific dialogue and actions:




Insensitive comments about his husband

Light-hearted dialogue options

Hurting innocents

Helping innocents

Stealing and pickpocketting

Barrett is a widower who’s very sensitive about his husband’s death. Make sure to be empathetic when the topic is about Erwin. He does like light-hearted jokes but be sure not to come off as arrogant.

Like Sarah, Barrett is one of the morally upstanding companions. Actions such as stealing, pickpocketing, and killing innocent people are frowned upon. If you want to romance him, you need to do things he likes otherwise he’ll dislike you enough to leave you as a companion.

How to Marry Barrett in Starfield?

Pick the commitment option when talking to Barrett after completing the Breach of Contract quest. You will then take on one last quest, which is attending a wedding ceremony where you two tie the knot. After the ceremony, you’re officially married to Barrett.

Marriage isn’t permanent in Starfield. You can divorce Barrett by talking to him about how your marriage isn’t making you happy anymore. It’s heartbreaking to witness, and you will lose him as a companion because he’ll need some time away from you, even though he still considers you an ally.

If you do choose to keep your commitment with Barrett, you’ll find a loyal partner who’s amazingly fun to journey through the stars with.