Starfield: How to Romance Sarah Morgan

Starfield Sarah Morgan how to romance

Sarah Morgan is one of the characters in Starfield you can romance. As acting Chair of Constellation, her responsibilities make her difficult to approach, but if you’re persistent enough and know how, here’s a guide that shows you how to romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

How to Romance Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

You need to complete Sarah Morgan’s personal companion quest, “In Memoriam,” which becomes available after reaching a high level of friendship with her. At the end of the quest, pick the options to flirt with her, and she’ll ask to meet with you privately to decide if you want to be friends or lovers. Pick the romance option.

Before you can unlock In Memoriam, you need to first recruit Sarah Morgan. This can be done early in the game by going to The Lodge and giving her the Artifact you found in the prologue. Once you do this, you can have her as a companion who’ll follow you around the stars.

When you have Sarah Morgan as a companion, you then have to raise your friendship level with her. This is done by performing actions and picking dialogue options that she likes. Make sure to pick the flirt options when they’re available. Once you’ve raised the friendship level with her high enough, she’ll talk to you about something important, which starts the In Memoriam quest.

Sarah Morgan Starfield companion

In the In Memoriam quest, you’ll explore Sarah’s background as a former UC pilot. After completing this quest, you’ll be able to romance Sarah Morgan. Once you’ve romanced Sarah Morgan, she isn’t going to like you flirting with the other Starfield romance options.

Sarah Morgan Likes & Dislikes in Starfield

Here is how Sarah Morgan will react to specific dialogue and actions:




Killing innocents

Love for exploration


Support for Constellation


Inquisitive response


Sarah Morgan is one of the more morally upright characters, which means being on your best behavior when she’s accompanying you. It can be hard to romance her if you’re playing an unlawful character, so you’ll have to pick dialogue responses and actions that align with the law.

Just keep doing acts that Sarah will like, and she’ll eventually open up to you about In Memoriam. However, doing things that she dislikes will risk her leaving you as a companion.

How to Marry Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

After completing In Memoriam, pick the commitment option when Sarah Morgan talks to you about meeting her mother. You’ll then have to attend the wedding to see you two officially tie the knot. She’ll then give you a gift during the ceremony as a memento of your marriage.

Starfield Sarah Morgan romance

Marriage in Starfield isn’t permanent. You can divorce Sarah Morgan after marrying her if you choose to. Just talk to her and tell her you’re not happy with your marriage. Divorce is particularly heartbreaking and will cause your spouse to leave you as a companion, even though they still consider you an ally.

If you do choose to keep your commitment to Sarah Morgan, you’ll find her a loyal partner throughout the many challenges you’ll face in Starfield.